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  1. Ikr like they think just for the sake of being dads, their daughters owe them anything Parents leeching from their kids are truly the worst. It’s a different story to help your parents when they need help but it’s also different when they want to profit from your hard work that cost a lot of time and effort. Beyoncé and Rihanna are primary examples cause they were working so hard to be where they are now since they were kids.
  2. Rihanna is suing her father for allegedly using her name without her permission, TMZ and The Blast report and Pitchfork can confirm. The lawsuit—filed today (January 15) in a California federal court and viewed by Pitchfork—alleges that Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty and his business partner Moses Joktan Perkins “have egregiously and fraudulently misrepresented to third parties and the public that their company, Fenty Entertainment, LLC, is affiliated with Rihanna, and has the authority to act on her behalf.” In the suit, Rihanna’s attorneys allege that Fenty and Perkins “have used these lies in a fraudulent effort to solicit millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties in exchange for the false promise that they were authorized to act on Rihanna’s behalf, and/or that Rihanna would perform at various locations throughout the world.” The suit also points to instances where Fenty and Perkins allegedly “accepted” concert deals: One of the “exclusive deals,” according to the suit, was for Rihanna to play 15 shows in Latin America for $15 million. Fenty and Perkins have also ignored several cease and desist requests, Rihanna’s lawyers write. Rihanna (along with her LLCs Roraj Trade and Combermere Entertainment Properties) is suing Fenty Entertainment, LLC, Ronald Fenty, and Moses Joktan Perkins for False Designation of Origin, False Advertising, Invasion of Privacy—False Light Publicity, and more. source: https://pitchfork.com/news/rihanna-sues-her-father-for-allegedly-misusing-her-name/
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    Naturalsha got some FOTPers shook
  4. Ring ring bitch! Another hit in the basket 💋💋💋
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    I’m on Lana side too but I wouldn’t go that far. She’s a talented songwriter and she has some really good songs
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    Ikr it lowkey is iconic though
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      An anthem 

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      If this is not going to be istg ny13 

  8. Your taste is immaculate
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    TAB would be definitely more fitting for Rosalía than that atrocity of an artist you stan
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    More like _____ stanning TABS
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    Her face is so fucking GORGEOUS
  12. And then Buddha Language (aka her best album) snapped like that
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    But 10 years ago Taylor was technically still a teenager. She did not aged. She matured.