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  1. here

    Fuck CDs and vinyls - my dad has even cassettes giveup1 He's such a stan. 


    1. Urbanov

      These are the one I found. He probably has more. He asked me recently about "this website I'm browsing" and it was FOTP. I hope he is not registered here giveup1 

  2. Everything for you sweetie
  3. Flop Stan
  4. You're telling me to chill when there is no reason for me to be pressed or anything since I don't care about both of them I'm just laughing from hypocrisy of LMs
  5. That's why it's NSFW
  6. @BJORK I love you for appreciating this
  7. Didi slayed another thread I see - put those moronic attempts by LMs to the garbage. My heart is growing
  8. Breaking a curse of 4th album by having his most successful era to date - when will Gargoyle and Stacey Perry
  9. So you're telling me that you're doing it for fun yet you feel the need to explain exactly what are you doing? And I am the one who is taking this seriously? You need a head examination sweatheart I couldn't care less where they are from though - they are still pretty sad but it's pretty understandable (taking into account that her pathetic teenage stans are mostly laughing from them ).
  10. You're already flooding FOTP with GIFs from GD and it's only Sunday so you should look for more seats for yourself
  11. The thing is we did not pretend we were dragging Gaga for fun (like you do with Katy) but just because her album was shit except few songs? I wasn't here when PI dropped and I wasn't making threads with diarrhoea of GIFs pretending to be funny like you do so yes, you name it girl! Little Shitheads - the most annoying and unbearable stanbase in the world.
  12. We all know that her "standards" were massive but nothing lasts forever. I see BA becoming a slow chart-topper with a help of streaming even though I don't really like this song. Calling it a flop is something that only LMs thirsty for Katy's failure could say.
  13. Little Monsters are really thirsty for Katy to flop And Kevin actually exposed your asses so stop pretending you're doing this "for fun" cause some of you are way too serious and acting like your entire family got killed with a banana pancake
  14. 81-100 and that's the true tea