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  1. Urbanov

    *Charli XCX performing live one of her autotuned farts* Twitter Gays:
  2. Urbanov


    1. NFR - Urbi 2. 3. 4. 5.  6. No brainer
  3. Urbanov


    ROUND TEN HOH: Love Song ( @Urbanov) Norman Fucking Rockwell ( @Fletch ) vs How To Disappear ( @Americunt) Vote for a song you want to eliminate! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  4. Urbanov


    Goodbye @Luca we’ll miss you bitch!!!!
  5. Says a bitch who can’t read lmao
  6. I MENTIONED THE REASON. DIRECTLY. Learn how to read, troll.
  7. Pinpoint where I said that these two are not related please ????? The reason why the date was cancelled was regarding anniversary of Mac’s death. Planned date was literally the exact day he passed away. And no, that arena wasn’t booked for other days, so she could easily reschedule, so yeah you clearly DON’T have an idea what you’re talking about and you’re clearly here to do some sort of shitstorm and I’m not gonna participate in it - especially with a person who’s here for like few minutes and is telling me to fuck off have a seat Oh and sidenote - fuck off
  8. From what we have been told it’s not due to her mental illness but due to the anniversary of Mac’s death. It’s disrespectful to ignore your fans for the third time who spend tons of money to see you, book hotels and shit to do absolutely fucking nothing to make up for it apart from a note saying “sorry guys I couldn’t make it”. She managed to postpone other dates, she cancelled just that one particular date (the reason being Live Nation couldn’t book that arena for other dates - like wtf?????). If she’s not able to tour, why even forcing yourself and touring? She shouldn’t take a day off then - she should take at least a year long break and come back with a full power. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then shut the fuck up
  9. Urbanov


    The lowest I gave is 4 I might change my mind though
  10. Urbanov


    None of them deserve a 0... The clownery...
  11. Urbanov


    I fucking hope so. She already reached the limit of disappointments considering new album has only 9 songs
  12. Urbanov


    Ok I actually changed my mind. California is
  13. Urbanov


    Sis let’s not act like it’s some good shit when it’s über disappointing