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  1. Discussion

    Yassss Light Years her best album my bussy is shaking
  2. Rat Sheeran stan is getting brave?
  3. Exactly!!! It is not easy song to sing. Especially for Katy's range! That's what I was about to say even though I didn't want to make Katy look like a bad singer or something!
  4. Timeless bop cry6 


  5. Game

    Why Back In The Day wasn't a single
  6. Game

    It was 5/10 during my first listen though
  7. Game

    10/10 Iconic trash bop
  8. Rih do you remember me in Monaco? She did 3 MVs though
  9. Her last album is from 2002
  10. Discussion

    So she joined to the club of former bisexuals?
  11. Mood:


    1. ajp

      Is that Bradley Cooper? oprah10

  12. It's her style of making videos since she's in love with vintage aesthetics - I don't find it lazy at all. Only BTD era was the one where she cared to promote her album (it was more commercial release that's why). And Paradise EP, too.