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  1. Urbanov

    Me I Am Kevin The Off-topic Chanteuse
  2. Urbanov


    Maybe not but bridge slaps
  3. Urbanov

    So you think two wrongs make a right? Just because I wasn’t a member here back then doesn’t mean shit or I can’t speak about issues that are happening NOW
  4. Urbanov


    Wow at this praise! L*ca is fuming somewhere over cup of hot belgian chocolate btw!
  5. Urbanov


    Freakum Dress is that hoe
  6. Urbanov


    The only thing I thought of are avis God, I’m selfish
  7. Urbanov


    Taste jumped out
  8. Urbanov


    You mean leather and latex?
  9. Urbanov

    No. In that particular thread I thought it was clear that it was referring to you being extra: Aretha passed away and this thread quickly turned to be a dedication thread, yet you decided it’s ok to stomp on this thread and leave a messy comment saying basically that Aretha is dumb and should not be considered as queen of shade cause her shade is weak BUT on the other hand Madonna’s is “multifaceted like her art” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 So yeah, @Merryem was absolutely right. You couldn’t even wait few days. You feel so entitled to have everything best and being first that you feel threatened when someone is getting some recognition for doing great job, so you have to remind their fans about your fave. What’s funny, you even admitted that in this thread: “They feel validated, but lord forbid you mention the critical success of projects such as Lemoande or tons of Madonna's career highlights to them. “ Then stop being an ass and let other fanbases enjoying some of their faves success without reminding them about your fave, cause what’s the point? You won’t make them feel any worse, you’re just adding more fuel to the fire and carrying on the narrative of Madonna fans being unbearable shits who won’t let other fanbases enjoy their moment
  10. B’day trinity if you disagree your taste is ugly and you should get a new one
  11. Urbanov

    Not the same shit on FOTP
  12. Urbanov

    Madonna fans in here ARE something else though Your comments in this particular thread only added more fuel to the fire So you agree that her fans are trash? Good Now move on
  13. Urbanov

    Haha good joke Thanks to you and your “Whiteriah” threads and others that are on the same, gutter level