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  1. Urbanov

    Megara from Hercules
  2. Urbanov


    This (and True Love)
  3. Urbanov

    Well definitely not Beyonce’s not only cause he is ugly AF but because of his cheating ass
  4. Urbanov


    On that third day of Christmas We got all in our feelings Said "I love you" and meant it, oh On the fourth, we committed Any time, he could get it He's the real one, I know it
  5. WHY IS IT SO GOOD Ugh especially during xmas
  6. Was that a big thing in US?
  7. Urbanov


    Queen of pop did that
  8. Urbanov

    None but I want this drama to be over cause I’m seeing her live next year in July
  9. They need to go to court with this, talking shit on Twitter won’t help the case also Daddy Brown looks hot on those pics you mentioned in OP 😍😍😍
  10. https://open.spotify.com/track/1x93aT0cZjL4PLFeKbBCiJ?si=gL179PQGQR2Tmw5iPNAZcg I’m here for this chill disco bop