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  1. Urbanov

    Mary J Blige takes the cake
  2. Ddd lowkey same flow, true. At least the first part
  3. Your avi!! Stan Run The Jewels!!! They opened for Lorde when she was here. Icons!!

    1. Urbanov

      I love them.  Wish I could see them live!!!! I’ve seen Lorde but never RTJ!

  4. Urbanov


    Waaaaay better than a standard
  5. Urbanov


    This should be an album cover
  6. Urbanov


    DWBM deserved to smash OT: it’s really cool, I like it - now, where’s the album?!
  7. For me it’s the hands movement. She looks like she’s summoning a jutsu or something dddd
  8. Hopscotch by Tinashe dddd omg
  9. Urbanov


    She has those streams and that’s all that matters in a current climate
  10. Urbanov


    Another organic smash hit incoming!
  11. Urbanov


    Allahs In Hawaii YESSSSS
  12. The most pretentious one are jazz fans. - Do you like jazz? - Yeah, I like some Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett... - LMAO I’m talking about neo-super-über-strings-straight-from-redwood-national-and-states-park not some OBVIOUS jazz. Who do you think I am?
  13. Omg Lay All Your Love On Me is such a BOP let me stream