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  1. Discussion

    @Saiga I see that you stan Love Drought Marry me
  2. Discussion

    You tried it, Tryra Banks
  3. Discussion

    It's 3AM in my country and I just came back from the party so bye
  4. Where is BAR aka Architecture though
  5. here

    I'm a Lady Gaga stan but don't tell anyone ok

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    2. #Music

      wow that explains that Joanne review! wendy4

    3. Freaky Prince

      Have you streamed The Cure at least 2.000.000 times? wendy4

      If you haven't you can delete this status wendy4

    4. Urbanov

      @#Music Expose me wendy4 

  6. Sure Joanne, tell me when and I'm ready
  7. Album

    No but when I used to live in UK I ordered a lot of shit from Argos
  8. surprised that this bland trash made the final cut
  9. You could throw out a party based only on this one album
  10. Album

    Argos have cute duvets