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  1. me and @Venus XCX stanning for this timeless summer anthem
  2. here

    Just turned 25 cry6 Life is good cry6

  3. Predicted #3 but it’s a first prediction. Definitely will debut in Top 5
  4. It won’t. But it will definitely debut in Top 5 which is still great
  5. Album

    Less than Kacey oh wow
  6. Album

    It’s an okay album. Aquarius and Nightride are definitely better though
  7. The thing is that what you say is far from opinion. You said she's using Manchester incident but you don't have anything to back it up so keep that bullshit to yourself xx
  8. I'm not the one repeating insensitive comments over and over again thus being deluded about the situation I have no idea then go out of the internet, enjoy that bag of chips of a life and stop posting xx
  9. like you for attention yeah
  10. Album

    I heard it’s good - might give it a try
  11. Album

    Trash is an exaggeration but I’d say repetitive a lot of tracks sound very similar
  12. Legend L ha Good Girl Gone Bad era is upon us Waiting for that thread to end up in HOF
  13. She’s still gonna debut in Top 3