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  1. SOTY


  2. folklore is simply amazing tay3 if you don’t like it it’s fine, but if you want bussy bops go stream Toblerone Lo or someone else 👋🏻

    1. Royalty

      Peri fucking od! clap1 

  3. moo5 


    1. Billie Frank

      How Rihanna thinks of the Navy. 

  4. Love yourself, missy! jj2 


  5. this is sending me 



    1. Urbanov

      @Royalty do you remember this bop? oprah15 

    2. Royalty

      YES! She was such a hot thing back in the days in Holland. “Outta Here” was a bop too. Too bad she flopped :( 

    3. Urbanov

      10 minutes ago, Royalty said:

      YES! She was such a hot thing back in the days in Holland. “Outta Here” was a bop too. Too bad she flopped :( 

      We can say thank you to Justin Timbersnake clap1 who didn’t promote 

  7. image0.jpg

    1. Mystique

      mess I saw him in Target last year dead2 

  8. 0PwWvfR.gif

    I'ma just give it to you direct, instead of me throwin' this shit
    You know you important and shit
    You know I'm supportin' this shit
    We used to do pornos when you would come over but now you got morals and shit


  9. Stunning album clap3 


  10. Me and @Moira O'Hara be like 


    1. Moira O'Hara

      Haven't listen for a while, let me bop to title track.





    2. Urbanov

      Bop? You mean kermit a sewer side? oprah7 

  11. There are people in 2020 who think that Ellen Degenerate is funny  um3 

    1. Gilly

      white soccer moms lol3 

  12. This guy has to be my favourite YouTuber at the moment lmfao1 


    1. Urbanov

      @Madonna look him up, his hilarious 

    2. mylifelies

      that guy is my favorite youtuber too



  14. What a legend 


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    2. Urbanov

      33 minutes ago, Villanelle said:

      I'm in the corner, watching you fist her, woah


    3. Madonna

      This video creeps me tf out. Thriler is shook! 

  15. I’ve just read on Twitter that someone called hit butthole a “chocolate starfish” rip3 

  16. I think I stan ari7 


  17. #RTJ4 AOTY clap3clap3clap3 

  18. Why YT links are not being embedded ny3 

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    2. Urbanov

      Thanks legend bey7 

    3. Onika

      Glad it worked bey7 also I hate that my brain originally read this as "white links" dead2

    4. Urbanov

      Girl dead1 

  19. 2020 feels like some Mr Robot shit istg dead2 


  20. Status updates is not your Twitter wall. Chill dead1 

  21. You can tell that ROM is a moment when 80% of active users changed their avatars for a scene from the video oprah15 

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    2. Jjang

      Watch it age like milk in 2 weeks brit11

    3. LÉON

      Like almost every Gaga single before it @Jjang

    4. STJ

      The shady part is that half of the avatars is the face of the hotter one moo1

  22. White excellence 


  23. Lights out, strike out, I doubt
    You'll ever find anyone
    These bitches can't measure up
    To my ankles (period)