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    Do we want any more collabs? What genres would you prefer? Any more singles? Music videos? How many tracks on her new album do you expect? Discuss, El Mar Queers
  2. Urbanov

    It’s ok, there’s nothing outstanding about it. Won’t be a hit, so I’m gonna say: flop
  3. Urbanov

    Then why you don’t stan De Aqui No Sales bitch
  4. Urbanov

    Music Video

    It’s ok
  5. Urbanov


    Hope it’s a slay
  6. Urbanov

    As if rnb music didn’t evolve in terms of production most of the main rnb releases slayed so far this year
  7. Urbanov

    What a fucking SERVE
  8. They should, cause that will give their fans a lesson - as a result they won’t see their team playing in a tournament.
  9. Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey’s fifth and finest album, begins with a breakup and ends with self-affirmation and hope. In between, she takes on wide-lens topics—climate change, gun violence, depression, death—with effortless cool. (She even manages to seamlessly fit in a Sublime cover.) Her indelible pop melodies are strung together with the grace of a tragic ballet. Lana worked on the record with Jack Antonoff, a producer known for encouraging pop artists to indulge their most theatrical, bombastic sides. Del Rey, however, encourages a more somber atmosphere, defined by muted piano, acoustic guitars, and layered harmonies that pair with her angsty, existential stories—’70s in spirit and ’90s in frame of mind, to paraphrase a lyric. If Lana’s music once sounded like a collage of her heroes’ greatest hits, then here is where she lapsed into her own language entirely. –Sam Sodomsky Entire list: https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-200-best-albums-of-the-2010s/
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    Yes I‘ll be there! and happy bday btw
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    Now we need long hair not a wig
  12. Urbanov

    Kim is a server, she was born to serve yes
  13. Urbanov

    Serve of the year is coming
  14. Latter, although most people refer to it as “Empti Tour”
  15. Hello Reycists We all know what this is about. Time for a sign up! Norman fucking Rockwell - @Fletch Mariners apartment complex - @Freaky Prince (13th) Venice bitch - @Pandora Fuck It I Love You - @Chris Morlock (10th) Doin’ time - @Andres Love song - @Urbanov(5th) Cinnamon Girl - @Luca (7th) How to disappear - @Americunt (6th) California - @Ghostface (9th) The Next Best American Record - @Simón. (12th) The greatest - @Hunty Bear Bartender - @CHANEL #1 (14th) Happiness is a butterfly - @millitanthomo (11th) hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it - @fab (9th)
  16. This being on FIFA 20 Soundtrack wow Rosalia just won herself lots of str8 fans
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    Song that’s going to win this round is going directly to the final round. Remaining song will be picked by eliminated players
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    This Venice Bitch... ROUND 12 NFR vs The Greatest Vote for a song you want to eliminate @Gwen Stefani @Hunty Bear @Andres
  19. Urbanov

    Cause song itself sounds like a TFJ reject