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  1. Urbi

    Artist Celeste

    I quite liked Not Your Muse, does she have any other projects?
  2. To quote @Kyoteki: she should have sat down and ate her froyo
  3. why is nobody talking about this
  4. Gone slaps Rahki did that with the beat
  5. Evidence regarding Rihanna: even though she dropped her last album in 2016 she still has a lot of monthly listeners on Spotify and AM; Anti spent 5 years on BB200 and it’s still there, people are waiting for her shit to drop and at this point they will take anything About Bad Bunny: massive across the globe, hundreds of millions of views on YT, streaming giant, few months ago he dropped a first all-Spanish album that went #1 on BB list Lil Nas X is cute for now and I wish him all the best but he’s definitely not more relevant than Rihanna or Benito
  6. The eight-song project arrives on May 14. “Addicted” and “Gone” are included.