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  1. Not Jimmy Savile omg @Billie Frank what did you say
  2. Mixtape with ASAP Rocky? Christmas album? Leaked songs compilation? She’s all talk at this point
  3. What time do you consider as her “prime”?
  4. Probably one of @Luca’s remixes
  5. The way this pic lives rent free in my head
  6. Bon Iver, Bon Iver Blonde Endless Lemonade LP1 Norman Fucking Rockwell! Causers Of This Outer Peace Illinoise ctrl A Seat At The Table Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm DAMN.
  7. So quality will be even more questionable, great
  8. Wig snatched 


    1. Princess Aurora
    2. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      Such a great song! That album cover slays too! Btw, do you know that Mimi interpolated and resung this song as part of the Heartbreaker dance remix? cry0

    3. Urbi


      I know, if was also produced by a legendary Rick James oprah15