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  1. She’s been on the tea spilling roll lately and I live for it
  2. Alina definitely brought back some Urban Flora vibes with this one and I love it
  3. The beat switch at the end It’s a serve, she’s a server
  4. Too hard for me to decide NFR! maybe or UV? One of them definitely
  5. Ikr, it’s not her best but has some of her best songs
  6. I know I’m not a player but… this collapse
  7. I don’t think she will. Awards and acclaim are not the goal like I said above.
  8. Fearless is the most awarded country album and Taylor knows what’s enough. Don’t forget what is the main reason behind re-recordings - it’s not awards or acclaim. Taylor just wants her songs back.
  9. The fact some of the song titles are just emojis… the lowest is what