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  1. I don't like the new song.... she's trying to hard make angsty pop music (even though that's always kinda been her vibe)
  2. Alex.

    Artist MOMOLAND

    Less than 6 million away from 40 million views
  3. feels so feels so feels so good to dance again
  4. is pick me up on the best of album? that is my favorite song of theirs
  5. kinda love the songs ive listened to as of yet.... I don't really think its a snoozefest
  6. Alex.

    Artist MOMOLAND

    'Thumbs Up' hits 30 million in 10 days
  7. Alex.

    Artist MOMOLAND

    They were all crying so hard when they won - it's just a bad situation for everyone. I will keep supporting them though of course
  8. Alex.

    Artist MOMOLAND

    mld are an awful company - stealing peoples money and then holding them hostage
  9. Alex.

    Artist MOMOLAND

    daisy looks good tho