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  1. here

    have to wake up for my flight in 5.5 hours lj1

    1. Coca-Cola

      well get to bed lj1


  2. Idk how I feel, poor Shea
  3. here

    fff i'm already stressed about traveling and i'm not even leaving until tomorrow wendy4

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    2. TattooedHeart

      I agree I hate the whole airport thing and walking around with bags wendy4 I'm on vacay rn its been mostly fun but some of its been hell wendy4

    3. Alex.

      Lmao my flight is now already delayed wendy4

  4. here

    Final grades just came out and I told my mom not to tell me any, I'm so stressed cry9

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    2. Alex.

      Okay that made me feel better yas2 It's summer anyway and I'm leaving on Saturday lj1

    3. Can't Come Up With A Name

      A few bad grades won't ruin your future. rih14

      But I hope you do well! Don't be so hard on yourself next year rih3

    4. Alex.

      Yea I've never studied so hard in my life, so I tried chi1

  5. here

    is there an animal crossing thread lj1

  6. they're really equal, because they don't have extreme highs/lows
  7. here

    holy shit i almost called 911 on my apple watch by accident rip4 

    1. Red

      I called campus police on the elevator once and then didn't know how to cancel so I just stood silent until they disconnectedrip4

  8. might as well not look any further in this thread
  9. Didn't Bieber also get cut off from the money they're making off of the song?
  10. Tbh a legendary girl thanks to the bridge