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  1. Since her return with ‘No Excuses‘, Meghan Trainor has just dropped two new tracks titled ‘Let You Be Right‘ and ‘Can’t Dance‘. Both songs are instantly catchy to the ear, and could easily become some of Meghan’s largest hits, coming up to par with ‘All About That Bass‘ and ‘NO‘. Both singles were released together on this past Thursday, and while there was little buzz, there is still great potential that each track with their hypnotic beats and likable melodies could land Trainor’s releases on top of pop radio and on everyone’s mind. read the full thing about the legendary queen here!
  2. Alex.

    Celeb News POP EMERGENCY: Katy sent Taylor an olive branch

  3. Kylie has come back to the music scene with an impressive bang, thanks to singles 'Dancing,' 'Stop Me from Falling' and 'Raining Glitter.' But was she able to live up to the hype that arose around her 14th studio album 'Golden'? Firstly, if you were fearing that this would be just a blatant country album, then you shouldn't have to worry! On the other hand, if you were looking for an album that would be revolutionary and seemingly iconic, you may be disappointed. It seems that yet another pop legend has decided to hop onto this train of the continuous new trend, which leads distant stars to Nashville to "find their true selves" in a time where their career is at stake. Many instantly targeted, and then compared it to Lady Gaga's country-influenced 'Joanne' and Miley Cyrus' mellow 'Younger Now' in comparison with the western influences throughout the entire record. Unlike many of the albums that 'Golden' was compared to, it effortlessly blended both a cohesive amount of solid pop, disco, and country. Read more here!
  4. After a full listen though, I think my faves were definitely all of the singles, golden, ELPOM, and ALTR I guess. A very solid album, I think I may need to listen a few more times to fully get into it.
  5. Alex.

    Discussion Your Last.fm plays for Q1 of 2018

    it's so annoying that only one of his albums are on us spotify
  6. Alex.

    Gossip Louisa Johnson 'could be dropped' as new single charts at 92

    louisa does not deserve this, yes was one of my fave songs of the year so far tbh
  7. Alex.

    The Legends Only Lounge

    kylie really made me a full stan this year
  8. Alex.

    Charlie Puth talks about exchanging body selfies with Shawn Mendes, Shawn gets defensive confirms he's a closet gay.

    that was uncomfortable to watch
  9. Alex.

    Discussion Your Last.fm plays for Q1 of 2018

    i guess i stanned kylie pretty hard so far
  10. Alex.

    Discussion Do you agree with Poop Infection?

  11. Alex.

    Bizarre Logan Paul's Manager Paid For Shane Dawson Is A Pedo Vid

    after stanning shane for over 5 years this actually made me question him which is disappointing, i'm happy its fake though
  12. Alex.

    Discussion St. Vincent was once mistaken for Gaga at a zoo

    this is so sad she literally does not deserve it after masseduction invented music
  13. Alex.

    Music Video Making Of “Hey Hey Hey” Music Video

    this made me understand and appreciate the video more tbh, the original context made the video seem like nothing more than a meme