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  1. feels so feels so feels so good to dance again
  2. kinda love the songs ive listened to as of yet.... I don't really think its a snoozefest
  3. nothing in kpop will ever beat that color palette...
  4. yass omg they're both so so so so stunning like reve day 2 was one of my favorite concepts of all time just because of how stunning the photoshoots were! and joy in cowboy boots
  5. got reve festival day 1 and day 2 physical for christmas and they serve so hard
  6. **i missed so much omg but yall still alive
  7. keep streaming we are gonna hit 10 million soon
  8. omg im so happy yall like it.... it's off to a better start than im so hot for sure
  9. kylie really made me a full stan this year