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  1. yall better not leave this forum tho......aretha1 dead @ everyone signing up for atrl

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    2. K$ANIMAL

      FOTP is still my main forum sass1

    3. Princess Aurora

      @Legendarylovers I only got there to see the threads

    4. Reputation

      I am only signing up for award nights, and their servers are stuck in 2008

  2. waiting for approval 


  3. Amy winehouse's version of I heard it through the grapevinebey5 how didnt i discover this earlier


    1. Vertigo-go

      I still prefer The Slits cover, but they were so good during this (Jools Holland I think?) bey3

  4. Legendarylovers

    I hate camillas voice but she is the only one who did decent...
  5. Legendarylovers

    oh. I thought you were comparingdw to mariah discography
  6. This is so sad....... sorry Americans
  7. Legendarylovers

    girl...........i like ariana but what...............
  8. listening to Christina's classic album brit2 what a legendT bey5 when will the other pop girls

  9. Legendarylovers

    I dont even like selena but this. no need to try and drag her for having a greatest hits album Even pixie lott has one and most people dont know who she is
  10. Legendarylovers

    i actually agree teenage dream was WAY more global and had more bigger hits
  11. Im excited his latest album isnt as good as his first tho but hes probably going in the same direction an unorthodox jukebox
  12. My exam went so good bey6jj5alot of people found it hard so i guess my revision paid off bey6

  13. brit2I have my maths exam tomorrow  i hope it goes well

    1. Firdawsi

      best of luck katyanna1 

  14. Legendarylovers


    oh wow. What kind of songs is lorde into
  15. Legendarylovers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_of_the_Boys_(Katy_Perry_album) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_(Taylor_Swift_album)#Writing_and_recording