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  1. Unique

    The level of attention seeking... chile.
  2. Unique

    They are not worse than Barbz who leaked my IP adress to Dark Web over a stan war
  3. Well, i'm not even a fan, i just love the song
  4. Yes, She had great potential in the 90's. Especially the late 90's.
  5. Unique


    Mother and Father vs Oh Father
  6. That's what i call a SONG The lyrics are so relatable, they hit me SO HARD The production The haunting melody Truly the best of RH Ghosttown hew?
  7. Unique

    Because she's a bitter has been who lost her fame & voice.
  8. 1+1 - 110I Care - 50I Miss You - 45Party - 50Love On Top - 45Countdown - 55End Of Time - 45Lay Up Under Me - 25 (-)Schoolin' Life - 80Dance For You - 135 (+)
  9. Unique


    Gang Bang vs Mother and Father
  10. Because Jojo's voice is irritating