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  1. Bill


    Sorry but
  2. Bill

    Music Video

    The chorus is SO catchy it was stuck in my head with just a single listen
  3. Bill


    I enjoyed the album a lot the only criticism is the vocals were a bit overproduced in some parts for my liking the bsides I see me using in the long run are: that's a no no nobody like you ting ting ting
  4. Bill

    Music Video

    they're 3/3 with title songs
  5. Bill


    if she pays Physical dust
  6. Nightmare: yes payback it's payback it's so funny to me
  7. Bill

    Music Video

    her nails slash me queen
  8. this giving me ME! vibes for some reason
  9. There was no comeback planned in the first place that's what frustrates me