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  1. gemini.

    Lose with dignity sis
  2. gemini.


    and this isn't the sweetener's era look because?
  3. The Video Is Coming
  4. gemini.

    girl go easy on them
  5. gemini.


    ffff this didn't flop entirely seriously 15th seems so far away
  6. Not sure if FOTP uses kpop but
  7. gemini.


    stunning gonna miss this hair
  8. wonder who the other two collabs are? we already know Nicki, and she was actively supporting her lately, so considering she did the same for Pharrell and Camila when Sangria Wine was released maybe one of them is included too?
  9. this will be the song of the summer tbh
  10. i really like this. it's something new for ariana
  11. as long as they aren't I Don't Care quality