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  1. I haven’t been on this site for a reeeeeeally long time, but I’m back. And you guys probably don’t care but I got into two universities and I’m really happy.

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    2. Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous

      who r u?

      Anyway, congrats!

    3. Chris Morlock

      omg condragtulations!

    4. The Velvet Rope

      @Marlon @Chris Morlock Thank you! @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous I joined this forum like almost two years ago, but it makes sense as to why you wouldn’t know who I am cause I’m never on this site. My name’s Brigitte. And thanks!

  2. Prince's music videos are now on YouTube antm1antm1 

    Speaking of Prince, can y'all please vote for a Prince stan badge? We only need 3 more votes until it can become a thing. dead7


  3. FOLLOW MY TWITTER (im on there very often): @goofyblackteen

  4. You're a Blackpink stan, yes! antm1

    1. Maraj

      YAS OMG I love them! oprah4 

  5. All I have to say is: CULTURAL!!! APPROPRIATION!!! IS!!! A!!! THING!!! PEOPLE!!! NEED!!! TO!!! STOP!!! DISMISSING!!! IT!!! Also, the idea that only white people appropriate culture is wrong. Just because you are a person of colour does not mean you are immune to participating in cultural appropriation.
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    This thread
  7. We been knew
  8. Angry Chair by Alice in Chains is stuck in my head omggg

  9. 10
  10. Charts

    He ought to shut up
  11. Charts

    What the fuck is a eek Mill? EDIT: I typed Meek Mill but my phone autocorrected it as "eek Mill" lmaoooo.
  12. Guys, please do feel free to vote for a Prince stan badge!

    So far we've got 4 people who have voted.


  14. YALL, we should have a Lust for Life listening party at midnight when it comes out!!!

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    2. Americunt

      We already had a listening party when it leaked. jj2 

    3. Chris Morlock

      then lets do a Best American Record listening party jj2