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  1. we been knew
  2. I don't think she's lazy, she's busy with a lot of things at once and is hectic.
  3. omg I hope it leaks in full soon
  4. Stay discrediting talented women.
  5. How is this a coincidence? 'Guess who up in this bitch' -> 'Guess who back in the house' and then the same flow? Even the breakdown in the middle of the song?
  6. RuPaul's old music doesn't sound similar to this though..? Him making music in the 90s doesnt justify him literally stealing her flow and even some lyrics.
  7. azealia's more than a year ago, rupauls today
  8. She already kind of dragged Ru 3 hours ago on Twitter It wasn't a big rant so that anger management is paying off I guess
  9. Yeah, on her @AZEALIABANKSNYC Twitter. And I'm pretty sure RuPual knows The Big Big Beat Blame the producer for the flow/lyrics too?
  10. He has. They even met once.
  11. Azealia already said something about it on her private Twitter, she made it quite clear that she doesn't appreciate RuPaul copying her.