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  1. my internet is being a bitch today but i'll be there if it aint acting up
  2. not me being #24. anyways I started worse last season and bambi came back with p.o.w.a. so
  3. oh my god im so mad i missed it...
  4. i'll be there to snatch bonus questions like im used to
  5. Single

    by the name it sounds like its gonna be another annoying song that wont come close to the quality of any of the songs on bubblebath ep
  6. here

    where is this gif from and does someone have it in original size mess1 

  7. okay wig tf off miss diamond is stanning legend tkay maidza?
  8. Time to be active on FOTP again, there's a crown to snatch
  9. here

    its my birthday wig

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    2. Urbanov

      happy bday to your wig then sia2

    3. Bambi

      thank yall legends muah lana1

    4. Dr. Slay

      happy birthday wig!

  10. im screaming im so excited
  11. here

    Azealia Banks and Natalia Kills met this week and just tweeted eachother im shaking yas2 

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    2. Mint

      1 hour ago, Freaky Prince said:

      azealia makes great music? wendy4 thats new to me wendy4

      gaga rimmed shitty gay anuses for hits in 2007

    3. Freaky Prince

      That doesnt make azealias music good all of a sudden wendy4

  12. Charts

    Usually I'd drag her but she snapped with this album so she deserved it, good job sis