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  1. Just wanted to come in here and share this with y'all cause it's so funny and beautiful to me.
  2. the fact that they leaked this with a youtube premiere
  3. got charli xcx tickets oprah10 i've been waiting for so long to see this bitch oprah10 

    1. TattooedHeart


      I wanna come 

  4. Bambi

    Hey sis long time no see sia1

    1. Lust


      Heyyy! the longest, how's it going? gaycat1

    2. Bambi


      Im doing good wbu!! 

  5. Beyhive and Gaga stans are the plague of stan twitter.
  6. Do we need anything else than Fantasea mixtape by Azealia Banks for the summer?
  7. Seeing Tommy Genesis tonight... wig nat2

  8. Omg the woman in this gif is dead? I'm devastated 2luuhl2.jpg

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    2. Dani K.

      Dani K.

      Yeah, she was a professional wrestler who was popular in the WWF--well now the WWE. (Or at least she looks like her.) but I'm pretty sure the person on the GIF is her she went by the name Chyna aka Joanie Laurer.

    3. Urbi


      Just found out about her :( sad

    4. Dani K.

      Dani K.

      It is. I really liked watching WWF/WWE because of the women (I'm also low-key ogling half naked men when my parents aren't looking) and she was actually one of my faves growing up along side Trish Stratus and Lita. She was a total badass, especially when she wrestled men. Sad that she was fired from the company due to backstage politics. She died in 2016 without even getting a nod from the promotion's Hall of Fame even if she repeatedly stated that she wanted to make a comeback. cry9 

  9. there's this gif i used to see on here all the time of this woman outside that kinda looked like this.. does anyone know which one i mean omgDy6ubyyV4AAabDy.jpg

    1. Ghostface
    2. Urbi


      26 minutes ago, Ghostface said:

      This one?

      Image result for woman outside snowing gif atrl


    3. Bambi


      2 hours ago, Ghostface said:

      This one?

      Image result for woman outside snowing gif atrl

      LMFAOO YES thank you

  10. handmade heaven is boring as sheet... i'm disappointed
  11. 1. fake smile 2. needy 3. in my head 4. ghostin' 5. NASA 6. bloodline 7. 7 rings 8. imagine 9. thank u, next 10. make up 11. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 12. bad idea i will probably hate fake smile later but it's everything rn