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  1. Literally every song by Azealia Banks Don't act like y'all don't shake your asses to 1991, Liquorice or all of the Fantasea mixtape or BWET.
  2. clockt using the Sasha gif I used the other day truly an artsy queen
  3. Ari and Kehlani is the collab I never thought I needed
  4. Rih, obviously. Beyoncé, honestly just due to consistency in sales. Lastly, Ariana, Dangerous Woman was truly an amazing album, but I have a huge feeling she hasn't peaked yet. Also, post-Manchester (albeit for a sad reason), she has probably the biggest fanbase she's had yet, and her album is guaranteed to hit number one in the U.K.
  5. I like both of them and was being pretty diplomatic Sis, CTTR matched Million Reasons on the BB100 and both PI and MR did better than BA and Swish Swish, what are these delusions, I was simply stating objective facts. I've never hated on Katy in battlegrounds so take your bitter ass and sit down
  6. Difference is PRISM was a genuinely iconic, great pop album, that definitely deserved Grammies. Witness is just.. meh? I mean so far both of Joanne's official singles have done better than BA (and so far Swish Swish, but I hope it doesn't flop it's actually a good song) and MR matched CTTR (both had payola don't even try). Also, I highly doubt with the backlash she's received that her first week sales will beat Joanne's (however sizes of fanbases can affect this and she very well could do it).
  7. The irony of a Mariah stan to come for anyone for not being skinny I won't stoop to your low level of humanity, but let's be real, you have no room to criticize honey Gaga (and Mariah too, for that matter) looks fine now, shut the hell up and crawl back under the rock you came from
  8. ..take a minute to think about Ariana putting all of this together? Two weeks out from a historic incident which would leave anyone scarred, and this woman plans one of the biggest benefit concerts in music history. She gathered pillars of the music industry, raised millions, and unified an entire country and music fans around the world (regardless of music preference). I guarantee this will go down as an iconic moment in music history and a major turning point in Ariana's career as well. I'm so proud of her, she's such an inspiring, caring, loving person, and to have accomplished this, I very well think she's cemented herself as a superstar.
  9. Do y'all really find him that ugly? I find him cute (dare I say hot?), mind you in no normal way, but he is.
  11. I'm seriously crying at OLT, Don't Dream It's Over, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow Baby did so well, I just wanted to give her a hug through the whole thing oh my god..
  12. She only canceled her European dates through the 5th, I believe.
  13. It's getting radio play on iHeart stations so I think it might rise if the GP likes it