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  1. I don't agree with the term either, but focus on the main topic at hand. Deflection at its best..
  2. As a survivor of sexual assault, this whole mess with her defending her child rapist of a brother was the last straw when it comes to me supporting her. I cannot and will not support anyone who commits such a horrid act, enables it, or defends a perpetrator's actions. I'm absolutely disgusted with Onika; I get that he's family, but honey, if my brother was a child rapist, I would rather have that sick fuck in jail than anywhere near me or my future kids. I really wish her stans would look at this more often and speak out against it, I don't see enough of it.
  3. ..is everyone forgetting Taylor? I mean I dislike her, but still, she's been doing better than anyone Also, Selena's music is superior, Dua's on the come up, and AG4 is coming soon so my weave remains in place.
  4. I guess I should clarify; In no way am I dragging her for her health, I find it amazing that she can still keep up such a huge career considering her circumstances. I really meant Selena including her team. Her team could've been a lot better at promoting her while she was getting better.
  5. I may be biased, but I think Ariana easily has the highest potential to go that far. Selena also has the IT factor, but she's been lazy this era
  6. I completely forgot lemme add the good snake
  7. So far Demi and Miley both have released solid albums, Selena's working on what's shaping up to be her magnum opus of a third (technically second album). Kesha made her huge comeback, so did Shania. Beyonce had her twins and said hi on the Mi Gente remix. Ariana's coming out with new music soon. Katy had Witness, which wasn't her best, but still made a decent album with a few bops! Gaga slightly redeemed herself with The Cure (although where the MV at sis?). And the good snake is back with her dark era. Anyways, do you guys agree? 2017's been pretty great and I can't wait for what 2018 has in store for us!
  8. the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth p.s. I see you gamer fish, though the good sis mei is satan
  9. Honey, If I Were a Boy, Beautiful Liar, Irreplaceable, and Listen all have Spanish versions, also there's Amor Gitano and several other Spanish covers the good sis has done
  10. If we're talking about Spanish music, she's done Spanish music for ages
  11. Have you heard none of B-Day's Spanish translations