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  1. Definitely has a shot at best album of 2018 unless Ariana and/or Selena decide to drop and its definitely better than pop girl albums from the past year. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and TMYLM are way less cohesive and are overproduced in some songs.
  2. To each his own but it's a strong fucking debut
  3. Please all of fossil's singles post Hung Up/Hard Candy sound dated after a single listen
  4. DWUW is still THAT bop that got away. Honorable mentions to Telephone which still bops 100% of the time and Edge of Glory which is a lil bit dated in some areas but otherwise is timeless
  5. My grandfather that lives in the middle of god knows where Ohio knows who she is. Also, arguably after the Manchester bombing she definitely became a household name. If she's on the borderline, then I think AG4 will jump her to that level imo.
  6. I was honestly taken aback myself, I've stanned since the beginning but I didn't expect a raw pop album from her, I expected something more produced if I say so myself. It all really stands out amongst all the other pop girl albums this past year or so.
  7. I would add Ariana Grande
  8. Talent is obviously winning, what do y'all think?
  9. Sis needs to drop She Loves Control and Into It as ha next singles because they SNAP Also when will your fave ever set the record for most #1`'s on iTunes worldwide?
  10. It sounds better with the other instrumentals
  11. I've been gone for a while but now I'm back with some step on up stuff sistren, hope y'all appreciate these mashups with an underrated BOP
  12. DWT, DW sold well, ME has some good longevity. Not to mention her album sales soared post OLM.
  13. How dare you slander one of the best songs in her discography
  14. Mi Gente shot up to number 3 just because the remix with her name on it dropped