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  1. She's been over since the mess that was her canceled tour and Refloppified sis.. She hasn't had an actual solid charting hit since Black Widow/Problem/Fancy
  2. The Fame really launched Gaga to fad status and got her where she is today so
  3. I still haven't heard this ONCE in DC on HOT99.5
  4. Discussion

    She is, I'm guessing a holiday season release or Q1/Q2 2018.
  5. I've been considering unstanning because she's just so annoying as an artist these days. She's gone to extremes for absolutely no fucking reason. Do I enjoy a few songs from C2C/Joanne? Sure. Am I still able to listen to her first four albums basically in full? Sure. However, after ARTPOP though she's been on a decline and she simply hasn't been able to pull herself up again. She's fading and I can't really stop myself from not caring anymore. Also, little managers ruin it for me too. Yeah it annoys me that she goes off and does random shit but they're so controlling and god damn irritating.
  6. Discussion

    I haven't heard it played once here on 99.5 in DC even on the impact date and it's basically the Z100 of the DMV area
  7. I really don't know what she's doing, Dancin' In Circles really has high charting potential, I could easily see it being top 10, if not top 20 at least.
  8. for some reason they're giving it airplay too
  9. I'm glad I missed this lack of stanning of actual talent im not even gonna ask how be alright got a higher score than into GOD
  10. How was I late to this party
  11. Superlove was top 10 material but it was paid dust