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  1. Really? Has no one said Ed Sheeran yet?
  2. Discussion

    I can almost guarantee a historic UK debut.
  3. Live performance wise -- maybe, but I still count Slumber Party as her best work live or studio lately, the choreo in the video really redeemed herself from her past shit videos before that, and I legitimately stanned for the video/song.
  4. switch is straight up a bop and I hate igloo
  5. You chose these? Superlove is her BEST video hands down how dare you
  6. Music Video

    This is so disrespectful and rude, she could've asked for my wig nicely I'm so bald I better change my name to Mr. Clean, bitch pulled that whistle register out of thin air who knew
  7. I would love more R&B. Also, after hearing Faith I'd love for her to dive a little into the realm of Churchy-funk type music, she sounded so good on it. I'd love a song with her and a rapper, but not just any rapper, I feel like she'd sound great with Travis Scott. I'd need a collab with her and Mac, they sound super cute together. I'd need a collab with her and Miley (or maybe Selena), but her and Miley's voices contrast so starkly yet go together so well I love hearing them sing together. I'd need a collab with her and someone like Kehlani (R & FUCKING B) Max four collabs on the album, I'd prefer two, maybe three of the four listed above. VOCALS. I need ballads and bops again like Into God, Touch Jesus, and Thinking Bout You.
  9. Literally every song by Azealia Banks Don't act like y'all don't shake your asses to 1991, Liquorice or all of the Fantasea mixtape or BWET.
  10. clockt using the Sasha gif I used the other day truly an artsy queen
  11. Ari and Kehlani is the collab I never thought I needed
  12. Rih, obviously. Beyoncé, honestly just due to consistency in sales. Lastly, Ariana, Dangerous Woman was truly an amazing album, but I have a huge feeling she hasn't peaked yet. Also, post-Manchester (albeit for a sad reason), she has probably the biggest fanbase she's had yet, and her album is guaranteed to hit number one in the U.K.