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  1. Law


    the TASTE, ugh imagine stanning anyone else
  2. Law


    Right before VALENTINES DAY this bitch is clever, her mind I--
  3. Law


    We're gonna get a #1 featureless album. What's shaping up to be her most successful work yet has zero features, the locals must be seething
  4. Stream 7 Rings off her upcoming magnum opus thank u, next!
  5. Law


    Global! Headed for that UK #1
  6. Law

    I know bout her old covers, I meant a studio version like her Emotions cover.
  7. Law

    wow the mods had taste that day
  8. Law

    I'd love to hear Ariana do a cover of Beautiful by Xtina, she has the range, vocals, and style to suit the song really well. Also with everything that's hit her in recent times and all that's been said about her, it'd be quite fitting.
  9. I may not believe in a god, but I am truly praying she's in the right hands, around the right people, and is getting the support she needs currently.
  10. Oh my god these police officers need to get off their asses and do something. She is truly a treasure and a ray of light in this world, she deserves all the good she can get, not this. I wish I could do something, I feel for her.
  11. We may be going ✈️ #1 though so, records aside keep streaming Bitch got a 13M radio audience in 24 hours without official impact I--
  12. The more realistic number is the streaming counter, but most places use the chart number, it's a mess. Although even with only 8.5M sis still broke the female debut record