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  1. Law

    Celeb News

    I hope she does a self titled and goes back to ha curls, her hair in LMLY was THAT BITCH
  2. Law

    Wait is she gonna block Ariana, because fuck.
  3. Wow I haven't listened to this in full before watching the video but this goes off and this is honestly one of Cardi's best verses hands down YOU CAN KISS MY ASS DAMÉ UN BESO. UGH, HER MIND. SON REINAS MÁS FLACAS
  4. I don't stan either but girl have you LISTENED to Obsessed recently? Shit is an artifact that's how dusty and old it sounds
  5. Law

    fixed that for you sis
  6. Law

    This is @taylor1989 levels of a shitty battlegrounds thread.
  7. Law

    Buzz single Meanwhile NTLTC climbed 3 spots to #7
  8. This actually looks a lot better here, it was def the angle and the picture used
  9. She looks good it’s just that the dress doesn’t fit her well at all, it makes her look big when she isn’t, and we all know she can and has done so much better than this
  10. Yeah I feel sorry for y’all
  11. That’s not the point, I can stand shade being thrown at Ariana left and right. I’m talking about a certain Xtina stan, you know exactly who I’m talking about, that can dish it, but when someone clocks them or their fave they go off on one of their delusional rants.