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  1. It was under Black Beatles, Closer, and Starboy, do you really think it had a chance
  2. Should've moved here during the Obamagod presidency while Abbott was in then moved back when Turnbull was put in
  3. Only one of them is homophobic sis and they all apologized, y'all love to hold a grudge
  4. Y'all are really melting down too hard about this, if she pushes it BA could smash (and I'm not even a stan). The GP would eat this shit up like a snack.
  5. Discussion

    PROMOTE IT. Get Ariana ha Cheap Thrills (minus the ugly Sean Paul feature)
  6. of course your good sis put it on SoundCloud!
  7. The meltdowns on here and ATRL have me in tears
  8. Other

    invented enunciation
  9. Put all the snippets I found to make the full song (everything except the first verse) Be My Baby and Adore are shaking at that breakdown! Starts at around 1 minute as to avoid copyright!
  10. There's three of them Anyways, I like Migos regardless of their bullshit (their songs are nice, Culture was a pretty great album overall) and I love Katy.. but together?
  11. Drake wishes he could have the talent of Kendrick. The nerve of some pop fags
  12. his 96 on metacritic is something your faves could never achieve sweetie