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  1. Luca

    Come back! alex1 

  2. I really can't believe the history Ariana's made today. I never would've thought the red-haired wack girl that could sing her ass off on Victorious would've grown into the extremely talented and successful artist she is today. She really is that girl, huh.

  3. Keep me in the taglist and top posters
  4. Sweetener's #3 on iTunes with this discount! Longevity and prosperity only
  5. Imagine a main pop girl like that
  6. idgi either, it's not like she's ever going to release ha damn album
  7. Oh the progress we've made, can't say the same about your fave tho
  8. I've always fallen in love with her pseudo-edm songs, the Bassnectar remix of Lights made my 11 year old gay ass hype
  9. Also her cover of Tessellate
  10. You My Everything too, a bop. Also, Figure 8 is still T H A T bitch, you were correct.