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    I don't know barely have time to check out & stan wars annoy me while I just want to appreciate all of the queens u know maybe it's because i wrote my bachelor thesis about stans i need more distance to it


    Hey sistren, if any of you has Twitter/IG, lemme know. I'm probably about to delete/deactivate my account here next week @California boy @Pageant Material I remember having good talks with you! Just in case/if you want to, of course
  3. AGNTEA here

    Hello Sisters of FOTP! I recently put out a new single which sounds a bit like Katy meets Lana but also a bit Marina/Baby vibes. Let me know what you think :) https://open.spotify.com/track/3TP1eo6iwFY0T9DepwbTof?si=KAkWPtDDTrS_AsAOV4kv0A



    I understand the nostalgia effect, I also miss One Of The Boys Pop/Rock Katy, but I'm also glad they grew and matured. I don't want them to do all too similar stuff every time. And After Laughter, in my opinion, was something fresh yet sounded like typical Paramore very excited to see what's coming next


    Yeees I've been to so many concerts of them. She's such a legend, but not only her. I love the complete Band of course. They always take me back to my rock roots when I get lost into bubblegum pop. They make rock bops. Much love to them

    I stan
  7. actually i have a fantastic time stanning her
  8. Oh wow I was there too and same thoughts. Her vocals are amazing but i'm worried about her, have massive respect that she continues doing it
  9. Y’all leave my home girl Ava alone and stay pressed
  10. I can't and I probably won't attend Saturday and this is my all-time fave by her
  11. AGNTEA

    oh oops sorry sis I really didn't see it guess i'm the clown today
  12. AGNTEA

    This song is amazing, y'all have no taste (except @Madonna)
  13. my perfume outlasts the length of yours
  14. AGNTEA

    Music Video

    ain't nobody like meee ain't nobody like me ain't nobody like meEEeeEeee had this immediately in my mind as this song started
  15. AGNTEA

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