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  1. here

    Wow, Demis documentary is really amazing cry8

  2. I hope he likes Marina too cause it's a baby made by Katy and Marina
  3. Kittens what is going on?? Soon, Ur So Gay gets 10 years old and I have planned something special to kinda celebrate that. And re-live the OOTB Katy Spirit
  4. Discussion

    Yes, this song alone should give Witness at least a 67/100 at metacritic omg
  5. Lowkey agree though I live for the LWYMD video cause it's iconic as fuuuuck. So she is serving visuals with this for sure! But I can see music critics giving it a 78 or 84/100 already but 2.0 i shouldn't judge yet
  6. Performance

    she better slay us with boooooooots <3
  7. what the fuck Katy make it a winter bop NOW
  8. Sad, cause it's her best album after her debut.
  9. Music Video

    that's what the whole era is and who doesn't love a mess
  10. here

    Not Jessie J dissing her second record yesterday during her show in Cologne. SHE SPILLED SOME TEA and was a sweetheart, you can't imagine :o

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    2. Chris Morlock

      imo WYA has a few good bops but thats it. i like the second more and Sweet Talker has a few good tracks. jj3 

      Alive>Sweet Talker>WYA jj3 

    3. Freaky Prince

      I hate it when artists hate their own albums rip3 

    4. AGNTEA

      @Urbi she talked about songs she wrote and said "There was this sone on..oh how was the record called again?..Alive right? Wasn't a good one" or something like this  rip3

  11. Photos

    Joanne Monster EP pliz Gaga ok thanks
  12. Who dat is, that girl is Tooombooooy Is my jam to be honest. This interview made me stan
  13. so sad Halsey, i hope she gets more balanced soon i dooon't know, we're good friends and i don't want to screw things up. But i'm thinking of at least try getting a step closer this week. And if it's cringe, then it's cringe for a week and well, i'll get over it
  14. i probably would love her if she wouldn't try to stay away from being called pop that much. like as if pop is toxic, she wants to brand her as alternative so much, ouch. why not call it Alternative Pop at least gurl, and also, imagine contributing making pop great by your music being considered as pop when it's not bad but your attitutde fucks this all up and i don't believe you Halsey I'll see my actual crush on Saturday again i am NERVOUS and Adam von Lux didn't help tbh