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    The video is on point, it's funny. Troye works so well with this song omg Anne-Ma-Who?

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    I only see the truth and no lies at all.
  3. First New Rules copying the concept How To Be A Heartbreaker and now thiiiis I can't Love Dua but Marina I am SO sorry


    Thing is, she already has the material to re-create a mature image without lacking hits. Throughout her career there were always those more meaningful and interesting songs. It's very easy to put them all together, they make sense as an EP as well. As Deluxe tracks you'd have Dark Horse, I'm Still Breathing and Pendulum.


    What are you talking about...? Most of our faves couldn't do a performance like this. The problem still is, no matter if she brings out serious music people are not here for it. At least the general public. She tried it with Thinking Of You (which is loved by the ones who know the song, but wasn't as successful as her bubblegum pop), Unconditionally and well. With Chained To The Rhythm she did went into the right direction. Oh god this isn't the battlegrounds what am I even doing here.
  6. i actually totally love it
  7. The woman who danced alone broke my heart 😭


    Wow, I can't believe there isn't a thread about her yet. Y'all are sleeping on some good shit! So, CYN is an upcoming artist who is signed to Katy Perry's label Unsub Records. She opened a few dates on the Witness Tour and recently released her beautiful ballad "I'll Still Have Me". But she also knows how to serve bops. What do you think of her? She looks so down to earth but without being basic..idk she has something. Lovely voice. I recommend you to listen to "Beliver" first and then to "I'll Still Have Me".
  9. Newcomer CYN, who is signed to Katy Perry's label Unsub Records, released her new single + with video "I'll Still Have Me" yesterday. Tbh I cried, very simple yet effective.
  10. AGNTEA


    I think her best feature is Chained To The Rhythm with Skip Marley but the Timbo collab comes right after that with Starstrukk! If We Ever Meet Again is really a bop, it is
  11. AGNTEA


    She fucking did that wow
  12. AGNTEA here

    this Nintendo Direct was a rollercoaster I tell you guys oh my god what the fuck. WOW Final Fantasy IX coming and Animal Crossing FINALLY!!

  13. AGNTEA

    they probably had it on the server before but made it available now