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    oh damn I like Princess Nokia actually what is she doing
  2. nah her music is at its peak to be honest Sweetener was a matured Yours Truly, where she realyl came from and had more substance than any of her previous work Thank U Next was cute, Imagine is awesome and this one is good as well, My Everything and Dangerous Woman can go to bed now. I'm so proud of Ari, she's the main pop girl now and deserved it, bitches I've been waiting for her moment since her first album and now it's finally here. ARI YOU ICON!!!

    i love my faves sm

    Celeb News

    I don't know how I just started to really like Bebe Rexha, she really is underrated af. Humble and honest woman, good songwriting for pop songs and yeah..I wish the best for her and glad to hear she stans Paper God
  5. I will never understand the Witness slander, when it is her best major album what the f! It combines her bubbly persona with more substance songs, it has catchy tunes yet delivers some new aspects I always wanted to hear from Katy. She had one of the best evolutions and doesn't get recognized for it, it pisses me off tbh lol. Probably because of her hair, I guess. But seriously, the song Witness alone is better than anything on Teenage Dream, periodT.


    they look so uncomplicated together, i love it

    The Family Jewels is it for me though


    pop stans are just used to simple beats and can't enjoy stuff that takes more than 3-5 listens... it's by far her best album, doesn't lack substance like her previous records. It's the most Ariana fans could have wished for and her signature album (though I think Thank U Next might even top it). I agree with some parts of production being messy and 2-3 tracks being slightly too Pharellyyy, The Light never came tbh and Daydreaming is meh. The rest of it is good or great. Haters can choke tbh


    yes, she actually has one of the best videography of all time Hot N Cold and Waking Up In Vegas, LFN, Hon Appetit is where her humor fits perfectly Than of course, E.T, Thinking Of You, Unconditionally, CTTR, The One That Got Away..all eyeconic videos H3y had a good video concept and idea, i remember when she posted this first promo pic on instagram..I was shook and ready for my wig to be burnt..but the video was a mehss. too much of her :OOO face and nah, no. The behind the scenes video looks better than the original one
  10. I swear if this is a Witness left out and we received Bigger Than Me/Miss You More for this..this is so much better.
  11. AGNTEA

    what the fuck is this thread even. embarrassing
  12. AGNTEA here

    I had a longer pause from Witness now (a few weeks) and rn i'm listening to it again. Still her best album, not even a question. Gays and Locals have been sleeping on the bops but also on the main songs like Power/Witness/CTTR omg., Teenage Dream could never, sorry but facts.

  13. AGNTEA


    My heart :/ She always seemed so genuine and caring, I can't believe she is gone now. Wish her children and family strength in this time. For everybody who doesn't know who Geli is. She was one of the people who brought Katy to the place she is now. While being signed at Columbia Records (I guess), Geli, also working at Columbia took all of the Katy-Files and tried to get her to sign a deal with Capitol Records. That's how she got her main label I am so sorry for her loss not just because she brought Katy where she is..because of her being such a loveable human being. Way too soon