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  1. Both are track number six on their albums. In Circle The Drain she sings "I don't have the power". And on Witness she sings "I'm done with you siphoning my power". I think they are also in the same key and they have a very similar attitude and a veeery similar effect on the vocal production as i said, Witness is the official Sister of Teenage Dream and the natural follow up of Teenage Dream. I remember Katy said before PRISM she actually had the idea to write an "Anti-Thesis" of Teenage Dream, but let the light in. Bishes, she also references her song Pearl in "Tsunami" and the chorus of "Into Me You See" reminds us of the chorus of "Pearl". It all makes sense. Witness is what shuold have come out before PRISM And also, both of the album cover look like paintings, while Teenage Dream is a real painting and Witness just has the effect of it as a filter omg this is my 1000th post, what an honor to achieve with a thread like this
  2. here

    Listening to "You Are In Love" by Taylor Swift. Not her biggest fan, but this song is amazing and magic. It appeared on shuffle on my spotify list, i thought the intro leads into a 80s classic fall6 love it

  3. Celeb News

    Oh, ja I see I dunno, ich hoffe! Drei Monate von Montag bis Freitag 10 - 18 Uhr.. wäre scheiße! Ja cooool! Ich hätte auch eine gute Freundin welche die-hard Lana stan ist. Wir gucken mal was sie die Tage an Infos gibt Bis Dezemeber wäre ja optiomal
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    DU HAST SCHON WIEDER EINEN NEUEN NAMEN?? Ich bin von Januar bis ende März im Praktikum in Dortmund, ich hoffe sie kommt danach oder ich bekomme frei Ansonsten machen wir das
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  6. but when will Britney? I'm not a good dragger, and actually don't care cause Britney has some bops. But show me at least one video where Britney outperforms this one her live or performs another song than Everytime on Piano.
  7. because i prefer something like this, singersongwriter talent and pulling it off simply with a guitar/piano over screaming pipes. she is still in control of her voice, not really pitchy and delivers pure emotion.
  8. Hello Kittens. Time to discuss! I know we're in the BG's here. But my plan is not to drag Katy or her latest work. I'm a big fan of Witness (minus Bigger Than Me/Miss You More except the Balloon lyric), enjoyed PRISM (Legendary Lovers says hello), wasn't a big fan of Teenage Dream (except E.T/Circle The Drain/Who Am I Living For and I can still bop to her hits of course) and live for One Of The Boys (sounds cheesy, but it really got me to what I am doing today). But after all her albums, sometimes I find myself still asking "Who is Katy Perry as an artist?" or "What is her signature sound?". She tried out several genres now, which I totally enjoy. But there are moments where I miss her signature of original sound. With Witness, I part wise had the feeling it comes back. Bon Appetit is the typical tongue'n cheek "controverse"-Katy song (like Ur So Gay/Peacock/and cute but sexy Birthday Big Balloons). The title track Witness reminded me of her Pre-OOTB days and Pendulum is giving me serious Katy Hudson vibes. Now and then I get to listen to her unreleased stuff she did before her debut came out. And I have to say that those songs sound the most original in her repertoire. I think if the sound aesthetic would have get enhanced a bit, she'd have her signature sound. I mean, like, Marina & The Diamonds for example. You know, no matter what type of music she did, for at least 98% it always felt totally Marina (Because of her melodic lines when she sings words like "deep". [Fun fact, the way Katy sings "my roots they run deep in Rise is totally the way Marina would sing it]. Or her typical chord-progression of "am - G - C - F"-songs). Or Kesha. No matter how "different and fresh" Rainbow sounds for the General Public, it feels soo naturally like Kesha. The way she sings the bridge in Woman is just like she would do on her debut, Animal. Or Gagas bridge in Perfect Illusion. The way she sings "Where are you cause I can't see [...]" is just..urgh..typical The Famega!" So, I am still wondering where this is at Katys songs. Roulette and Deja Vu are highlights on Witness, but if you wouldn't take too much care of the voice you could think it's out of Kieszas "Sound Of A Woman". I still love Witness and she is giving me a loooot with it. But I have the feeling she still hasn't found who she is as a musician, and tries out everything else instead. So. Even though I admire her for trying out a lot of different genres, I would love her to do something "Katyful". Maybe it's time for her to write music with her guitar instead over already-produced beats like she does for some songs. Remember, in her MTV Unplugged interview in 2009 she said that this type of music where she feels most true to her as an artist! While listening to her older stuff, I was thinking those sound the most Katy to me. Here are some examples. Weigh Me Down: In this song she showcases vocals and lyrics that are typical Katy imo. ("Just a halfmoon in your perception/It looks full to me" is just like "Open Sesame", but I love Weigh Me Down). The second song is "It's Okay To Believe". The background vocals are signature Pre-OOTB Katy and just like "Weigh Me Down", this has a nice indie touch. The list could go on with "Cup Of Coffee" and "Long Shot". And especially "The Box" What do you think? What is like "typical" Katy for you? I think Save as Draft and Dance With The Devil are the most Katy songs on Witness. Save as Draft because of the lyrics and the bridge (lord, what do i have with those bridges) and Dance With The Devil cause I feel the same vibe when listening to Who Am I Living For and Spiritual. Not sorry for these thoughts at 2am.
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    So we have Britneys, Sias and Katys vocals in ONE track What the fuck. Amazing job. I could cry
  10. So sad to read about attacks like this in this short amount of time. Sadly, there is nothing we can really do about it. So live your life to the fullest, stay safe and kind to people around you and love each other <3
  11. Discussion

    That's why I prepared a cover for it love this song til this day so much
  12. Discussion

    I will fucking make the seated section stand up at this song, caaaan't wait!!
  13. Single

    @Hylia Uh, right! But technically this one should have been after American Girl if I have it right in my memory ?
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    or is this Swish Swish still in the making
  15. Dua Lipa come through my Queen!!