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    thanks sis. It's not even her working with Ronson actually, it's just the way she holds the guitar and the pretentious rocker moves or when she playbacked the guitar playing on the AMAS, even though she looked super good on that performance


    My ex used to listen to that album basically every time. It's so weird listening to it now as I immediately feel like going back to that place with him, summer, laying in his bed and listening to that album. The song that captures it the most is "Cruel World". A shame, cause it's her best album.
  3. Katy Perry outdid the Joanne tour But Taylors Rep Tour is huge Yet Katy has more memorable hits But Taylor can sell albums af. Then, Katys SuperBowl showed she is here to stay and so did Gagas? The GP just lost the interest fast Rihanna gets more and more versatile in branching other fields, her Magnus Opum is still coming and probably will be the more iconic one Rihanna > Taylor/Katy > Gaga


    Her showing off with that music sheet like "yas we do REAL music as I write it down on music sheets" maybe it's just me


    she really wants to prove she's a "real" musician, doesn't she? Anyway, I'm excited to hear it.


    It's the best song on the album lbr

    I have a song called Lemon Pie released before Sweetner Did I already say that i STAN Liberation? This album gives me life, exactly what I need right now. I hope it debuts at #3 at least
  8. Oh, Becky G and Cher Lloyd aren't the same person. Oops But cute song Cher


    y'all no knowing Lewis Hamilton he also made headlines yelling at his brother's or friedns son for wearing a princess dress
  10. AGNTEA


    Maria left me #WIGLESS Probably gonna stan with this album
  11. AGNTEA


    Wow, I'm so surprised, from the first listen I really like this album Maybe I will stan. Christina, you did so well. Congrats
  12. AGNTEA here

    OK wtf MARIA by XTINA slays!!

    Ok wtf 2 Sick Of Sittin Rock n Roll Tina gives me life? WHy y'all hatin

    Damn that interlude from Dreamers to Fall In Line - WIG!

    Right Moves issa bop, too! Will this make me stan XTINA? @Agugaga so far i LOVE the album

    Like I Do sounds so interesing

     iDeserve I like the production

    Twice is iconic I love it

    It's a shame Accelerate sounds like an ok Demo, this song had potential! Dirrty 2.0 anyway. Baby it's alright. Baby it's okayy! I hate the rappers though. Shku shku shkru

    Uhh, Pipe give me that sultry song QUEEN

    Ok Masochist is kinda boring

    Unless It's With You is cute

    All in all, I am surprised. This is a very good album XTina, congrats! Idk how this turned into a reaction, lol





    1. Music Meister

      Sick of Sittin and Right Moves are good besides that filler

  13. AGNTEA here

    another gender related post from me: that moment when you identify as a feminist, but a hardcore feminist tells you as a man you're not allowed to speak on public conferences about woman rights as man. LIke girl wtf, I'm here to support you

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I was told that by a Katy stan last year here. It's pathetic they think they define what feminism is/isn't and who should/shouldn't speak about it. jj4

    2. AGNTEA

      Especially that conversations no matter who/what/whatsoever are so important. Healthy discussions with logic or at least with a sense of thought. But she is very radical. Sis I was about to leave the room but sat my ass down again.

    3. Chris Morlock

      people who want support but doesnt want your support because you of a separate group is stupid jj4 

  14. AGNTEA

    Oh my god - thank you so much I'm at University right now, thanks for making it more easy to bear especially the fact that they took this deep cut from her first album, makes it very hard to believe this happened