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  1. here

    If you have the time, maybe you'd like to check out my first music video to a song I recorded (Keti/Marina inspired jj2)


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    2. Kyoteki

      yeah, it's an amazing concept especially in the shitty dating life of gays.  SO hard to find a perfect match in comparison to straight dating.


      and taking that to speed dates is also really cool

    3. Kyoteki

      good job working on this, tho! I applaud you.

    4. AGNTEA

      True, my experience is that most of the guys I knew just enjoyed the fast living/changing element of meeting someone new so much because the choice is so big in specific areas. And the guy a few feets away could possibly be better than the one you've met last week..made all these experiences so it's kinda frustrating. But as soon as I distanced myself from it, I was able to find someone in RL kylie2 and thanks again!

  2. try to listen to the 10-track version yes, it actually has the perfect bops that make it hard to believe people started disliking her. But it's all about the marketing, which sadly failed in some parts. @Infrared CTTR actually did well! It was a huge top 10 hit overall and received massive plays in Europe. Even Russia decided to stan. Idk why the hell Migos had to be on Bon Apple Tea, a Lady Gaga collab would have been epic. The video is great, though. Instead of hopping the Taylor Swift beef, she should have just ignored the drama and release POWER or Roulette instead. Then again, Power or Roulette and close the era with a beautiful Witness video. For fans, a metaphorical video for Mind Maze or mermaid themed video for Tsunami would have been great as well
  3. I think Witness really had the potential being her best album. For me, it's like a matured Teenage Dream, but now she is more aware of her surroundings. Most of the production isn't as boring like on Teenage Dream (minus E.T/Circle The Drain) or Prism (minus Legendary Lovers, Love Me and Spiritual). The concept behind everything going in circles (Witness/Roulette/CTTR/MindMaze/Pendulum/Deja Vu) and trying to break free of it is something she should have focused more, the tracklist was a bit messy, so it all seemed randomly placed. But if you order it in a new way and cut some songs, as the tracklist was too long (Miss You More, Into Me You See, Bigger Than Me as Deluxe or Bonus online tracks), you have her most thought out and focused work. She still showed off Teenage Dream Katy with Boner Petit (Peacock says hello) and if H3y had a bit more of a Pop-Rock production we'd have a great One of The Boys throwback.
  4. I stan Katy but had a laugh with it but thing is though, she is still relevant. Just not as adores as in her previous eras (that does not count for me, i love her more than ever with Witness, it comes very close to One of The Boys feels)
  5. Camila got me shook wtf. LOVE IT!!
  6. Discussion

    Lately, I think the short hair looks better than ever, though
  7. Discussion

    Oh my god yes, Gaga on BA would be SO fitting as well Imagine Gaga saving Katy's ass in the video instead of Migos and singing about her cherry pie, as Gaga mentions cherry pie a lot in her old songs (I heard she is allergic to that, so she better watch out) ICONIC
  8. Discussion

    Hot N Cold was #1 for eight weeks in Germany This song started everything for me. Video is fun and no cringe (I like H3y Video though), it's sassy, it's catchy, it's a kind of bop that doesn't even try to be one, but it is
  9. Discussion

    omg @Freaky Prince yeeeeeees!! and that collab please. A shame Gaga wasn't featured on Roulette. I imagine a Waking Up In Vegas X LoveGame x Telephone big video where they portray a couple Before Witness came out she hinted either doing an acoustic or a dance/electronic album. Witness is definitely the second one and she lately stated, that she still wants to do an acoustic record. I still want this more than anything else. But I would prefer something in between PRISM and OOTB like and then release a special acoustic EP with it. The EP shows the "original version" of the songs, starting as guitar-written songs. The actual LP is more rock orientated
  10. Discussion

    Kinda true, he helped a lot with I Kissed A Girl, but her most remembered hit Firework wasn't done by him, though
  11. Discussion

    One of The Boys will be my personal favorite album of all time. What I love about OOTB is, it doesn't have any filler song and all in all the story makes sense. She sings about not wanting to be One of the Boys so badly, so she starts kissing girls instead. Getting into a journey of fun and heartbreak WUIV/ToY/Mannequin, and so on. The tracklist makes sense! And as Witness COULD have been on the same level (If you change the tracklist order it also makes sense as a whole), but has a bunch of songs that are her best, I have to defend my Baby Witness
  12. Discussion

    Yes. I understand people like Cali Gurls or T.G.I.F, but those songs had not a lot of feelings/soul into it (I mean they don't need to, they are there for fun) But Witness for example is a bop + it gets me emotionally. Roulette is dramatic and a fucking hit. CTTR is a woke bop, her best lead single. H3y is typical Katy, I don't get the hate. Power is a badass-Roar with better lyrics and more interesting production and a big anthem. The fuck, I still don't get why people don't see the good in Witness not a single track on Teenage Dream comes close to Power or Witness Ok maybe E.T or Who Am I Living For but that's it. I'll let Firework pass because it's an anthem as well
  13. Discussion

    but half of Witness is already better than anything she has put out before