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  1. can someone confirm pls Wiki says she only had hands on writing 8/15 songs, I thought she said this will be the album she wrote the most fooooorrrr
  2. omg Better Off yeeeees come through! omg the ending yes this is what I was looking for, love me some strings
  3. can't believe it especially as I have the feeling Sweetener is the album that represents her as an artist the most and she will already do a new one whaaaat
  4. Firework - started the old fashioned trend of "You're perfect the way you are yay" (After Firework there was a wave of songs like this..Born This Way, Who You Are by Jessie, Perfect by Pink and so on) Pearl was about a girl who got abused by her boyfriend and was all for female empowerment, Who Am I Living For questioned her existence as a superstar and critisized it a lot just like Mind Maze Roar is a kids bop empowerment song, By The Grace Of God cured depression, CTTR was woke, Power is also a meaningful female empowerment song, so I think Katy shouldn't be on the list at all. She sometimes tends to do cringe/basic stuff (This Is How We Flop/T.G.I.F/) but that's about it hehe Soooo. The winner is Brittany
  5. AGNTEA here

    Hello Sistrens, I did an acoustic rendition for Bon Apple Tea Bébé! If you have time I'd be happy to share it with you



    thank you sis I kinda got into the Bon Apple Tea mood on my list are: E.T (electric rock version), Witness (Acoustic/Piano version) and Dark Horse (Synthpop, Halloween influenced) and omg that snippet!!! IT'S EVERYTHING. I HOPE THIS ISN'T A WITNESS LEFTOUT BECAUSE IF SHE SKIPPED THIS FOR SMTH LIME IDK ... SWISH SWISH OR MISS YO MORE
  7. AGNTEA here

    When a new Katy Perry song leaked but FOTP is just too tired omgggggggg

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    2. AGNTEA

      Twitter links are allowed, right?


    3. Prettiest Poison.


    4. KILLS

      Is it about Cocaine?


    @California boy I tried to do Legendary Lovers but somehow I didn't like it. I will re-do it at some point, cause it's on my Katy Cover To-Do list (with Witness and E.T!) But I took a shot with Bon Apple Tea!


    he said she starts reminding him of serbian singer Bora Drljaca but I also don't get it 100%
  10. AGNTEA


    Wow that is this with Jelena today. Before this thread I listened to her old songs and doing smth about Woman in Ex-Yugoslavia for University. And then I found an old user called Jelena Korleusa..and now this IT'S A SIGN! Anyway. Jelena copied so much off Gaga..the reach
  11. Omg I am listening to "Ludaca" right now and per accident just found your profile OMG

  12. AGNTEA

    omg stan a bit this must have been the time I wasn't on FOTP or I have missed it omg I'm at What You Don't Know. Iconic ballad