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  1. @Nocturn yes, you are totally right with your comment. I didn't think of that perspective. I also forgot about Muse, Sam Sparro and Stromae, which all make/made iconic Songs and delivered quality. In terms of my "we need a male answer to Gaga/Perry" I meant that I'd die to see a few more male artists that impact, in particular, mainstream pop in a refreshing way like they did back then. Hmm
  2. I don't want this to sound "attention-seeking" or anything like that, I just find this very interesting in terms of establishing myself as an Alternative Pop/Pop-rock musician and targeting a right audience. So I don't want to hide that I sing about boys and in videos I'd also love to make normal pop videos, just from a gay perspective. On on side I think this could terribly flop, but on the other side I think there isn't much like this in todays pop music and if you market it the right way, this could also work well with the GP. This would be very refreshing and we still need male answers to Gaga, Perry, Marina & co
  3. stanning the bible of debut albums and all in all her best with Witness
  4. Discussion

    Bon Apple Swish are both dancy, like Deja Vu/Roulette (though those ones are 20384times better). Maybe they thought it makes more sense releasing something ballade-like and remind ppl Katy is still doing soft songs. I'm glad my fav slow song gets released - even though I'd prefer HeyHey/Power/Witness/Sad as the order of follow ups
  5. Discussion

    I hope we just get two Videos and two more Singles after this
  6. Not you all ignoring her second best album aka OOTB
  7. Rumor

    Yas bish, what a quality first post welcome to your new home!
  8. Rumor

    OK. So I really hoped for HeyHeyHey being the summerbop because I love it all of the sudden. Save As Draft is the best ballad choice, anyway. And even though a bit generic compared to the rest of the album, it has serious iconic potential. I can understand if the label promotes it as a full single. Maybe they noticed the previous single choices (BA and SW SW) were not the best because of the image she actually tried to represent with Witness. SAD is the complete opposite of the three singles, so yeah, I'm okay with it. Still shook.
  9. gonna listen to this bop now because it's the shit and untouchable and had a huge impact on a Cali Gurls video which also is very iconic ok bye (Keti you should have had Fergie as a guest in the video bish)
  10. Discussion

    ' My guess for singles that would strengthen her image as "wake" and still fun 1. Chained To The Rhythm - It's a bop and was a european hit and #4 in the US. A few more performances in europe would have make it even bigger. Her last perf on The Voice a few weeks ago gave it a new peak in FR even though the song came out in february already. The feature is a great choice btw, it's her best feature she has done 2. Rise - They shouldn't have waste it for the Olympics. The video was awesome, but - it fits the album theme so well and is truly empowering + inspiring. This should have been her answer to Bad Blood. How classy would this move would be. "She writes a song about me? Okay, bish, you can try to bring me down but I will still rise" The true song that is an anthem against your bullies. 3. Hey Hey Hey/Act My Age - People who miss "old Katy" would get their food. Heyx3/Act My Age are super radio friendly and summer bops. I'd chose Heyx3 though, it fits the wake theme more that she promised to deliver. 4. Witness - As some said above, a great single for autumn. Meaningful lyrics, one of her best records and a bop as hell 5. Power - This one's for her artistry. Wake as hell, powerful and empowering lyrics, fits the theme of a strong woman in control of herself so much. Would shut down any critics. Bish what is she doing she has so good songs oh my god. --- If the success allows, Deja Vu would expand as single six. -- So, when you buy the album after second or third single, it will have enough surprises for fans and critics, the feature with Nicki which would became a viral hit due the already existing SNL performance, Tsunami es smth experimental, Bon Appetit as a typical fun Katy song.. oh damn.
  11. OMG SAME!! after first listen I was like "why is she singing about catching fish? Too much Tsunami happened omg"
  12. Charts

    Chained To The Flop was just reliving a new peak in France (#4 if I'm not wrong) and #1 on german radio airplay, it was a big success in europe.
  13. Charts

    Not Bushido on top Well, at least its top 10. Sad she didn't perform any of the songs here, Germany usually totally catches up after performances. CTTR went #1 on Radio Airplay though, which is kewl
  14. I don't know, I have the feeling it's ab it late for the video now we have the full album. She should release Power instead followed by Witness and Pendulum
  15. I love Mind Maze so much. The verses sound so dramatic and sad, the vocals slay, the last "sweeEeeEt surrender" is so fucking good. And the autotune fits it so well. I imagine it being a weird futuristic Katy in the video and it all makes sense