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  1. Bad Romance, I think Paparazzi was big in Europe, too. But why different cases? I mean it seems Camila is also involved in the songwriting, at least plays guitar and cares about her image as an artist. She has the potential to last for a few years, even though I can't imagine her topping Havana yet
  2. That's what people thought about I Kissed A Girl and Pokerface, too i'm excited if smth bigger than Havana will happen
  3. Rumor

    no we're not Oh No is a bop, though
  4. I want a new album, too XTINA where u @?
  5. the world is already doomed to be destroyed make the best out of your life, be kind to others and don't collect negative karma points
  6. Did I accuse you of racism? Never made it a think about race so now I'm wondering where this is coming from the color doesn't matter, this comparisons are just rude and this post is not transPHOBIC at atll. sometimes I want 2008 back. But I love most of the progress we made since then
  7. Music Video

    no way..I was 18 when it got released. Wttfff. This song deserved to be a top 20 hit at least
  8. This is not how Sailor Uranus would handle this
  9. Game

    just saw this topic and omg what Guns N Roses so low?? It's one of her beeeesssttttt directly sends me into the mood and atmosphere of my first relationship which is a weird feeling only Lana can do this
  10. there is nothing worse than SJW and Tumblr/Twitter feminism
  11. Other

    I remember almost every cover on YouTube had the lyrics "You're gonna leave'em fallin' down, down down" like.. I know some big lyric pages messed this up..but it's annoying hearing people singing this. Why would Keti leave people falling down? are they hurt by the fireworks? Agree, probably the verses would be too low for her range to hit those notes. But then again, I'd rather hear her nailing the chorus like she used to the second chorus now she just sings "bebbiii" and it sounds so thin. Love the new WTT arrangement and some of the vocal changes, though
  12. Discussion

    love you tbh I never thought she will still sing this on her current tour.
  13. Discussion

    whenever someone says she sings better in 2k17 or 2k18..nah. OOTB era guitar Katy did best vocally
  14. Discussion

    I love the rawness of this Radio Station performance. Her emotions, she hits the notes for like 99%, she wrote this song herself and yet people call her untalented I remember this is the reason I started stanning her and doing music myself, because of this little video and I know one day she will get back to this