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  1. Oh back to UTC now @Diamond Should I even bother submitting this round? You probably won't even count it.
  2. @hermione below me AGAIN. No matter how hard she tries she just can't beat me lol
  3. Whatever. I won't let her ruin my enjoyment of the game! I'll send my answers when I get home x
  4. Of course Hermione's name isn't here. She probably ran to submit her answers as soon as you posted the questions just so she could say she did it before me
  5. @Hermione is a FLOP shskdkfjgdhd. She's doing so badly! Im not doing too well myself but at least I'm still above her
  6. fucking sent now stop BUGGING me
  7. firing up my porn!
  8. delicious. one of my favourite albums of all time. so proud of queen!
  9. i'll send after i finish watching this show and masturbate
  10. i'm a little sad i missed the results show but i'm battling depression
  11. lmao Hermione below me where she belongs
  12. can't wait for Hermione to embarrass herself and come dead LAST
  13. this sentence...makes no sense