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  1. delicious. one of my favourite albums of all time. so proud of queen!
  2. can't wait for Hermione to embarrass herself and come dead LAST
  3. Vicky Vox is a mess. I'm sure if Katy knew about her she wouldn't work with her. That being said, I doubt it was specifically Katy that reached out to VV/other drag queens. Let's not all jump on the hate bandwagon prematurely.

  5. ok i'm slowly becoming a Kesha stan. this KNOCKS.
  6. I'm having really bad asthma symptoms and I don't have any medication. I really don't want to go to the Emergency Room tonight 

  7. my only goal in this game is to do better than @Hermione
  8. Canary


    Mod Notice Do not attack another member outside of NHB
  9. i drank a lot tonight and i feel sick. also ate 6 kebab skewers.

    1. Canary


      they were fairly delicious though. bought myself a birthday cake to gorge on tomorrow


      i'm DRUNK

    2. Systemagic
    3. Jae


      Alcohol poisoning been there done that 

  10. day 2 of having no toilet paper. i just had to use the screen wipes my mother bought me for my computer cry4


    i'm a little worried that they'll cause me to have a reaction but whew, i could not hold that in any longer. cry4

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    2. Canary


      i just scraped together enough change to get some fish and chips so I'm going to take a bunch of napkins from the chip shop. they're ROUGH AS FUCK but they'll get the job done