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  1. Nice event, I don't regret having to find my password for this Let's do another one when we can yup
  2. the opening/closing features are a bit random but I don't say no to it tho
  3. A song starting with "Jesus I need you" omg...the trauma
  4. Pls I meant the prelude, the actual song is a jam
  5. the actu Outer Peace needs to grow on me but whew his music is perfect background music to read/study/chill
  6. I've been listening to Toro y Moi instead btw
  7. Summer's vocals are really nice on this album
  8. Haven't listened to it in years but I guess I'd not skip for the nostalgia
  9. Wait the listening party is happening in the SZA section? @Urbi not you scamming us like this