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  1. Royale

    Rainbow era wins. We been knew.
  2. Royale

    We're getting closer to the end! Let's now announce the nominees of this round which are... ONLY the current HoH, It's Like That, as @Michael. is allowed to vote for the song they want to evict this round. You better vote fast, fat. 1.
  3. Royale


    It's one of the worst songs to me honestly.
  4. Royale


    Omg taste! slay sis, you better stan!
  5. Royale


    I can be predictable, but not like THAT. And It's Like That sounds dated to me, so you weren't getting the praise anyway.
  6. Royale


    You're invited to praise this song all you want in the Mariah section, so we can avoid to have 5 posts a day.
  7. Royale


    I would've believed you if you stayed and not came back at the end of the listening party dkdadkd
  8. Royale


    I think my Top 5 would be: Goodnight n go, Breathin, Everytime, GIAW & Better off.
  9. Royale


    This. I like it but girl it's time to end it aaskas.
  10. Royale


    @Royalty When you need someone to pull you out the bubble I'll be right there just to hug you, I'll be there Where are you? Are you home? Call me right on the phone I'll be there, yeah, I'll be there I don't care who is gone, you shouldn't be alone I'll be there, there
  11. Royale


    Mmh I expected Pete to be worse... like much worse. It's actually decent
  12. Royale


    We been knew sis
  13. Royale


    I guess Better Off is gonna make an entry in my Top 5 favorite songs of the album!