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  1. @Billie Frank do you know this
  2. All I Want For Christmas Is You and whatever 'LAP' (WAP?) is can't be compared in the first place, though. One is remembered, the other isn't. OT: Shallow is a Gaga classic by now
  3. The French honestly don't make much effort when it comes to English. Gross generalization, but with friends in Paris we wanted to trick people into thinking we were English speakers, which we did. We asked them how to go from a particular place to an other, and it was funny AF because most people couldn't respond. But to be fair, we were targeting people who seemed to be in their 30s; pretty sure younger people would do better. Plus I personally have trouble with English accents, so maybe that didn't help! Visit the South of France! You'll most likely love it. (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Ma
  4. sksksk nah, nothing happened but I while everyone was watching football (yikes, ikr) I said fuck it Imma go alone visit the city. So I took a Lime and visited on my own with headphones in. Fantastic experience, but I had this really long coat, chelsea boots etc.. So while I was enjoying my ride, I came accross about five young guys: idk what they were doing but they seemed a biT dangerous ngl! At some point I was worried because the Lime was starting to slow down. But when I saw them I didn't pay attention and was fast enough to pass without having any trouble. But if I weren't lucky, idk what
  5. Don't worry, we were a group of French young adults with some of us barely speaking English. English will be enough anywhere you go in Europe (especially Germany tbh) I did quite a few countries, but there are also others I refuse to go to for some reason (that seem obvious to me) Aside from that, it's no big deal. Do you know which countries you'd like to visit tho?
  6. Thank you so much! This year has been difficult but I hope I'll be able to sort everything out. Soon Have you set goals for yourself for the end of the year?
  7. Athens, Greece is totally the same. Cheap prices, some rich, fancy places but it's poor all around. Once at night I went scooting alone and I'm glad it didn't break down because I came accross.. interesting people there
  8. Well I hate late exams and went straight to the South afterwards I needed to chill tf out, I also have to many things to do rn: Figure out what I'll do after graduation and more! And I've been working with my agency for years now so I'll just wait for them to call me next month so I can snatch my job back.
  9. Me too actually If those chats didn't happen reguarly I would have left the forum btw