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  1. Royale

    Ok now miss thing really did that with the cover.
  2. Royale

    One of her best videos in a while
  3. Royale

    The whole E=MC2 album outsold, but we appreciate you liking the song regardless!
  4. This song sounds more of an album closer than a lead single. GTFO is the much more superior song in my book.
  5. Royale


    I'll do it tomorrow ig?
  6. But isn't that embarrassing that you read articles about her that I haven't even read? We-. You may as well start posting more in the section now.
  7. Royale

    Exciting! Hope she doesn't get too nervous on stage there.
  8. Can we talk about how that current avi of yours is your best ever? So now we have an indisputable agreement
  9. She clearly said wack, at least that how I hear it. The comments are giving me Laurel/Yanny teas.