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  2. Joy Ride, Mine Again, Shake It Off & WBT are my faves! She did that as well tbh but I still enjoy Einstein more for obvious reasons!
  3. Actually E=MC2 made me stan her! It's her funniest album to listen to and it's full of bops! Yes I love when my friends have taste for sure! It outsold The Emancipation of SCREAMI in my heart, although we stan for both albums!
  4. Just curious!
  5. Loves chu wub1

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    2. Entea

      My self-esteem grew so ty wub1

    3. Royale

      But you're such a perfect human being already Enty. oprah4 

    4. Entea

      Aws, you're too kind oprah4

      You're not too bad yourself jj5

  6. I love this song. Serving vocals, emotions and drama! Miss Christina Aguilera truly did that!
  7. Cute! I just posted in Xtina's section as well. And you're welcome! Are you into Mariah's music or?
  8. Happy Birthday king!
  9. Excuse me but Hurt is truly one of the best ballads of all time.
  10. Hello there, is it your first time posting here? Other than that, stan! I love when people have TASTE.
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    Btw I found the original one here! They have cute Ariana pics, so you'll definetly find something cute!
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    Tbh I think the pic wouldn't look any better in it's original size even with the filter Btw I always resize the pics before editing them so ofc I don't have the original picture anymore kii But if you want me to sharpen/edit your Ariana PNGs let me know!
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    Well, that's a cute lie!
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    Let me find again! The original pic is from Tumblr and looked quite messy. I filtered the picture with photoshop & used curves, + heavy brightness & contrast. Give me few minutes!