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  1. x
  2. Well you said that it's not important + idk I think I saw you wanting to get WYC EVICTED when we were playing Butterfly Top 5!
  3. I expected to see a VERY goat-ish statement after seeing "Controversial Opinion" but If It's Over Grammys is her best performance vocally so it's an acceptable opinion.
  4. http://instagram.com/beyonce
  5. Well unshook because LTT is better!
  6. Basically! LittleTastefulDude never disappoints. One of her best ballads ever and that's the tea!
  7. Well, that's good. I always thought you hated it. Wow goat confirmed!
  8. x
  9. Hope it's for a new project and not the Top Off music video. Thoughts @Monster & @Urbanov?
  10. Her first song to do so. We love a classic!
  11. Tea was spilt. Only goats would refer to this masterpiece as a 'mixtape' or even call Emotions or Rainbow a better album.
  12. But I kinda like it.
  13. Sweetie, it's not our fault that you're just delusional and fail to recognize that what you call "REAL lambs" are simply tasteless goats.