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  1. Royale

    She’s glowing 💋
  2. Royale

    not me STOMPING on the fad @fab
  3. Royale

    Sometimes you LOSE.gif
  4. Royale

    Can't wait to see your performance this round
  5. Royale

    Hope you'll lose the last one xo
  6. Royale

    y'all are a mess
  7. Royale

    I hate fab slightly more tho how many bonus points have you snatched so far. Asking for a friend??
  8. Royale

    No we're two
  9. We Belong Together Looking In Bye Bye My All > I Only Wanted > After Tonight I Wish You Well > Fly Like A Bird > Heavenly Fantasy > Heartbreaker > Loverboy > Dreamlover Bliss > Fourth of July > Underneath The Stars Crybaby >> Breakdown
  10. Royale

    That kind of questions actually would be a kii
  11. Royale

    I screamed a bit hope your questions will be easier next round though