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  1. I want to do something cute and just not tell you my fave tracks, you're getting it tomorrow night don't kill me sksks
  2. I disagree with Athens, that's for sure! It's not bad and I had a good time, but I didn't think they were friendlier than the average people frequently being/living in an European capital (at least those I went to besides like Prague). To each their own, but I'm curious to know how they gathered this data. I need to go to Malta tho
  3. I actually listened to all of the albums you recommended Lazy to post, but the work was done. We'll continue this discussion in the Beyoncé section tho
  4. Both are Scooter's clients so it shouldn't be THAT surprising. I guess we will see how it sounds.
  5. I am SHAKING. His music is just so good I loved Caution so I hope she'll release similar albums in the future, maybe even a Giving Me Life 2.0
  6. Did I Do That?, as I'll be the only one to vote for it.