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  1. @Urbi Is it good? I want to take time to listen to this, but idk if I should expect something good or
  2. Her team should focus on getting her decent playlisting instead of making her believe such things and thus, setting her up!
  3. Don’t do it during the week, I wouldn’t attend because of w*rk
  4. Their Juice live performances slapped so I think that should be good!
  5. Except this was confirmed by Ed himself, and then eventually credited Xcape's writers (who wrote "No Scrubs") following the backlash.
  6. Some of these rappers suddenly pretending care about children will never NOT be funny to me! In this case, he is known for a) struggling to pay for child support, and b) pay a woman to perform oral sex on his underage sons. This is just him casually helping Industry Baby to get to #1.
  7. I'll join the party. Perhaps you should use the lamb taglist (if we still have one) to try and attract more participants!