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  1. @WinnieIsFree sis wyd?
  2. I.. had no idea an alternate version of Caution was available on Spotify, let alone with Runway in it. A pleasant surprise to hear this song again, it fits so perfectly in the album, still
  3. Hi king! I was high-key hoping to be wrong but guess I wasn't, not sure what her team is doing but they better hurry so we can have a listening party quick!
  4. It's most likely not album related at this point. Would be happy to be proven otherwise though!
  5. Oh wow, oh wow. Glad to see FOTP's best game being still alive! Congrats @Kristina for this successful show
  6. @Urbi Is it good? I want to take time to listen to this, but idk if I should expect something good or
  7. Her team should focus on getting her decent playlisting instead of making her believe such things and thus, setting her up!
  8. Don’t do it during the week, I wouldn’t attend because of w*rk