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  1. Game

    Naughty Girl vs. 7/11
  2. Imagine thinking that IKYWT. is trash. Luckily I can NOT relate!
  3. You're welcome bb!
  4. Isn't he Australian I-
  5. Game

    9, we love a masterpiece!
  6. I actually never see that you mention me in these, alright brb
  7. What if I do
  8. Define Angel sweetie
  9. We love tea!
  10. Well, you deserve a slap sometimes!
  11. Aww, that's amazing babe! Btw I reminded Royalty about our next listening party and it will be one of Nicki's albums ofc!
  12. Can't say that I'm surprised!!
  13. What's wrong honey
  14. Emotions vs. Supernatural