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  1. Song vs. Song - Mariah Carey Edition

    SONG vs. SONG HOW TO PLAY ? The user above you posts two Mariah Carey songs (features included), for example : Fantasy vs. Honey • You pick the song you prefer and choose a 2nd song you want the next poster to choose from, for example : Fantasy vs. If It's Over And that's it, Let's play Lambies! I'll start : All I Want For Christmas Is You VS Joy To The World
  2. The Festive Lounge

  3. The Festive Lounge

    Thanks for all of the Rep points you've been giving me lately. I'll probably spam you too btw! Tea, we stan Glitter! Didn't Mean To Turn You On >>> careers.
  4. The Festive Lounge

    Y'all I should be studying, but here I am, spamming a Whitney GIF in a Mariah section. Festive.
  5. The Festive Lounge

    Well it's not so how come?
  6. The Festive Lounge

    Um.. Are you sure 'bout that?
  7. The Festive Lounge

    Time to unoffend then.
  8. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    I'm yelling, but Thank God I Found You is not that bad so keep your energy to slander 'songs' like I Don't instead.
  9. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    I am so sorry, really.
  10. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    Thank God I'm FORGOTTEN? Then explain this tweet
  11. The Festive Lounge

    The delusion in here amazes me. E=MC2 remains Mariah's most poppish album to date btw.
  12. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    Yes we never change a winning team
  13. The Festive Lounge

    I love you both but DFAU certainly isn't better than We Belong Together.
  14. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    Look who finally came back from the dead
  15. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    Love how the OP looks so good without Infamous in it.
  16. The Festive Lounge

    That's great! Don't forget about us when you become rich btw, I've always been a huge fan.
  17. The Festive Lounge

    I clicked on your profile and I saw this iconic GIF so I had to post it!
  18. The Festive Lounge

  19. The Festive Lounge

    Have fun!! Don't eat too much though!
  20. The Festive Lounge

    Oh wow, I didn't expect that. I'm 100% sure you can successfully make it, and well.. You better. Wow can not relate, always hated maths and I was a literary student in High School so I wouldn't be able to start such a course.
  21. The Festive Lounge

    Still studying Maths at Uni? Wow I'm sorry.
  22. The Festive Lounge

    Same here actually! Although I believe that much more people already either dropped out, gave up and/or reoriented themselves.
  23. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

  24. The Festive Lounge

    How are you?
  25. The Festive Lounge

    Thanks! Big tests and exams suck for real. Can't wait for all of that to be over, whew.