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  1. SONG vs. SONG HOW TO PLAY ? The user above you posts two Mariah Carey songs (features included), for example : Fantasy vs. Honey • You pick the song you prefer and choose a 2nd song you want the next poster to choose from, for example : Fantasy vs. If It's Over And that's it, Let's play Lambies! I'll start : All I Want For Christmas Is You VS Joy To The World
  2. WBT vs. It's Like That
  3. What time though?
  4. Wow I miss you already
  5. How are you
  6. Daydream + / - So it's the same game over and over again with Mariah Carey's "Daydream" album! You have to add 2 points to your personal favorite song from "Daydream" while removing 2 from your least favorite song. Let's start with "20" this time so the game will be faster and funnier to play! "Fantasy" - 20 "Underneath The Stars" - 20 "One Sweet Day (feat. Boyz II Men)" - 20 "Open Arms" - 20 "Always Be My Baby" - 20 "I Am Free" - 20 "When I Saw You" - 20 "Long Ago" - 20 "Melt Away" - 20 "Forever" - 20 "Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)" - 20 "Looking In" - 20
  7. Event

    You said it, not me!
  8. Event

    Because you'll most likely give it a 2
  9. are we
  10. I love my twin btw
  11. I'm yelling omg
  12. @Skyline is truly shaking seeing his two faves being friends!!
  13. yes and btw I'm trying to reach TJ rn
  14. Hi love
  15. @Maraj are you online
  16. Don't worry babe I knew
  17. skaskakskasd Don't worry, I'm not staying for very long
  18. I'm there btw
  19. Event

    Can't wait for @Lord Stoneheart's rate! OT: a cute 5
  20. You better sweetie
  21. Is it
  22. Same
  23. Ummm @Taylor btw let me spam PM you
  24. Yes
  25. You can relate