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  1. I knew I flopped this round.. but being near last without those bonus points.. Inch resting!
  2. This interesting turn of events tho. Me cheating the whole season with the bonus points, almost falling at 4, to finally winning
  3. This was fun, thanks @Dennis Reynolds for not giving up on FOTP's best game! I'll try to participate again next season.
  4. Well @fab I guess we'll see another time for those readjusted bonus points
  5. Now bfr. But it would be a gag if I actually won while everyone predicted you to!
  6. So I'm second place? Yasss gift me that VIP already I haven't changed my avi since 2020!
  7. The way Kristina and Jae are Top 1 / 2 without legit any bonus point is quite embarro... but at least we kept the game interesting
  8. I'm at 4 most likely btw. Just one round was enough for me to fall this hard
  9. shoulda woulda coulda and yet? barely cracking the Top 10 iktr bestie!
  10. I'm here, quietly laughing at fab's bomb don't worry
  11. Thanks for hosting, this was fun! @Dennis Reynolds And this is where I leave 'cause I can't handle the L of tanking so bad in the overall leaderboard despite those bonus points!
  12. I'm really leaving FOTP for another 5 years because what is this