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  1. Cute message, wrong messenger. You literally started the whole bonus points race thing tho
  2. This is legit my worst round so far, even bonus points can't help me helpppp
  3. You're not getting any bonus points Neither are you btw
  4. I just knew that submitting my answers without really thinking wasn't a good idea!
  5. Byeeee this is just going to make me go harder for bonus points
  6. Almost submitted something dumb like croissants / baguettes. Well!
  7. Only three people browsing (so far) ? interesting!
  8. Which would remind us of the UK's performance at the Eurovision, wouldn't it?
  9. @Dennis Reynolds HELP I need to change one of my answers quick, is it still possible?
  10. Do we still get free VIP from winning? Might motivate me even more with those bq's
  11. ...And y'all really thought I would miss opportunities to snatch bonus points?
  12. Chris and I really were on your necks weren't we