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  1. Was I inactive for THAT long to pick Americunt?
  2. One of the very few answers I got right this round ffs
  3. I kinda feel bad omg I'm letting y'all snatch the next one
  4. Truly didn't expect responses to be so split on that one
  5. It really was! Thought it sounded a bit too obvious to me, though here we are
  6. I'm hopeful I snatch ALL the bonus points this round
  7. I initially had Mario but went for Prince Charming instead wthhh
  8. @Dennis Reynolds why are you slowing down the pace, are you plotting a surprise bonus question or sumn
  9. Wouldn't enema be part of the first category tho
  10. You really thought you were slick with this? @Dennis Reynolds
  11. Omg good so I'll be a little less hard on myself for tanking!