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  1. Don't worry, I'm your true competition. @Entea ain't getting shit
  2. Now why you're only waking up at the very last round
  3. Hmm, okay, come through with the bonus question please
  4. I just know this round will be fab and Gabe's downfall!
  5. @fab not sending in answers (lol) ? Well thanks, that's one less competitor to worry about!
  6. Oh you're weird for this @Dennis Reynolds
  7. Oh God bless my fast internet. It was really bad otherwise
  8. Great round? speak for yourself this actually is going to be interesting and hard to predict the next winner tho
  9. I'm out, I really can't stand seeing the leaderboard this round
  10. Let the spamfest begin before Dennis posts the next question
  11. There's still one bonus question left tho
  12. If your fave ain't the last top answer.. I'll have to fight some people here