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  1. the way this can both apply to Gabe or me but I'll stay gracious, best revenge is on the bonus questions..
  2. "Please"? Wow y'all need to choke real bad!
  3. @fab you can exit the thread now I fear!
  4. It really was! I need those bonus questions this time, I'm sorry girlies
  5. You really haven't been honoring your legacy as a "bonus questions" threat, wth happened to you
  6. Perceived? Girl it's real. I just made it home, it's over for @Chris now
  7. We're here, just constantly refreshing the page
  8. This round was hell btw @Dennis Reynolds you’ll pay for this
  9. Good luck trying to respond fast with a phone
  10. Help I’m so out, I can’t do the bonus questions
  11. These questions... If I flop, there will be consequences!
  12. Ooh glad to witness Kristina and Royale's revenge this round! Me when I'm delusional
  13. I haven't seen you give me proper credit in a long time, this is growth!
  14. Cheated my way up to the top as usual! I know @Entea is mad