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  1. Why is Taylor wasting all her budget on music videos?

    And the other half just close ups of her eye
  2. Discussion What will LG6 REALISTICALLY be?

    The thread didn't say it has to be stan worthy
  3. Discussion What will LG6 REALISTICALLY be?

    Collxtion II-ish. Feat. artists like Troye sivan, nicki minaj, and Aleissa Cara
  4. Music Video This bop is blowing up fast

    This is a BOP. Ive never seen an underground artist get this much views in as little as two weeks
  5. This is what pop music needs right now!

    This bop, cupcakke needs radio play
  6. Discussion What do you want to see next from Kesha?

    I wanna see her go back to electropop or something synthy. Maybe trap influenced, Id buy the hell out of THAT kesha
  7. Why is Marina Diamandis a better artist than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

    Marinas music is dated, boring, & stale. Mozart can’t relate, that legend was literally ahead of his time
  8. Worst type of pop right now?

    Mumble rap is amazing. Peekaboo is a BOP i picked the latin songs just because Despacito is annoying. But if tropical house was a trend still id probably pick that.
  9. Game Kill One, Keep One

    TV/youtube interviews, the vhs tape dress interview is ICONIC Kill/keep Disgusting demo vs Get In Line demo
  10. Are you guy STILL mad that Madonna will never be on Michael Jackson’s level ?

    Well Rebel Heart is probably the last good POP album we'll get from Madonna. Once singers get old they can't hit notes like they used to so I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna went country or more experimental. If Michael was still alive he in fact would probably be making better music than her. But why the comparison, he's dead so that automatically makes him more respected, more remembered, and more advanced in your eyes. I bet if Madonna was dead and Michael was alive the general public would say the same about her music
  11. EP MØ | When I Was Young EP | October 26th, 2017

  12. Bizarre Marilyn Manson continues in being a pressed lame old man & calls Bieber a girl

    Your taste is fine OP is just pressedt
  13. Gwen Stefani makes a post about P!nk

    A humble, ageless queen
  14. Photos New pics of Taylor on set [2nd day]

    Hopefully this is a visual for ready for it cause this budget will make it just as good as LWYMMD
  15. Kids Think Madonna is ''Lady Gaga when she was young''

    What a dumbass jk lmao