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  1. I should react to Bionic or Lotus since ive never even heard them before, but I don't wanna get dragged for my irrelevancy brit10

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    2. barbiej33p

      NNNNNN Tru i should get right on it rav2 @Radio

    3. Dita

      Sis, the X section are home to this boards most notorious spammers. Don't worry fall2 

    4. Dita

      But don't do Lotus. I won't even listen xtina2 

  3. Discussion

    Finally a celebrity brave enough to @ him AND in a professional manner (I wouldn't be able to go 5 tweets without calling him a fat cheeto)
  4. I live around both areas, Id be lucky to score tickets
  5. I was gonna say the exact opposite actually, I think that the shape and neon lights surrounding the lips are uncanny, but it isn't IMPOSSIBLE for this to be a coincidence, a mouth isn't that complex
  6. My impact on bettering myself and letting god deal with my problems
  7. Havent we all? her impact
  8. Charli made all of us wet one boy way or another
  9. Game

    nnn i missed it! This isn't my favorite album so many reading this thread might make me wanna revisit the album
  10. all at once? Legend
  11. I mean all the big names in the Boys cameo, your telling me they ALL know Charli personally? That would be kinda cool. That would mean Brendon, wiz, and Mac have enough respect for her to agree to be in her video, and i wouldn't doubt that, but I also feel like a lot of them were brought in from her label
  12. Music Video

    tea at everyone stanning ^ I love critical acclaim for my fave
  13. flop Around U - Ellie Goulding
  14. I like the horror aspect of this we need more gore hounds on this forum