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  1. Agree 100 percent just by reading the thread title. Cant say the same for the actual post But what I think youre getting at is she needs to stop being a troll artist, which I agree because accounts like Uma Kompton will never get big the way trolls promote music, Cupcakke is a real person that has made music with Charli xcx which is really impressive considering Cupcakke doesn't even have a label. Her success would probably be greater if her posts werent so controversial. She's still young, but she can't caption her pictures like she does forever, if so she'll never get signed
  2. TIWTTFL is amazing! I spin the vinyl all the time because every song bops. But the signature sound is a little too bubbly/cutesy, Id prefer a more grittier sound
  3. And not that cutesy make me like you bullshit, she needs to go back to the urban pop roots
  4. Album

    I was an avid Voice watcher, but I had no interest in ANY of the judges alberms lol
  5. Music Video

    I knew about it when they uploaded the audio, the ass cover appealed to me But this video I like how they aren't posers with this sound like other bands/singers, they went full on 80s aesthetic like ms CRJ and it looks authentic
  6. Music Video

    Well we decided we fucking stan.
  7. You can tell how much she has grown. But she still has such a signature sound.
  8. And Atlantic wants to represent that? Whatever, it'll make them money
  9. Discussion

    I mean Charli XCX never completes a full tour either, I think Gaga will be fine. The media treated her hip injury like shit but I feel like this year might be different.
  10. I miss the Loner quality. But Im still excited for a full album
  11. It feels like youre reading their diaries.