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    I refuse to buy the vinyl without the cover, how do you make an album cover so beautiful and then make the vinyl packaging a clear sleeve... is this hoe dumb?
  2. Black Honey


    I was gonna do my own but I literally agree with every score you gave Top 3: 911, Fun Tonight, Sour Candy
  3. Black Honey


    I was scared everyone was gonna hate 911 because it gives me 2010 electro pop vibes and everyone is always clocking dated beats, glad to see FOTP has the TASTE
  4. Black Honey


  5. Black Honey

    Did we not watch the same music video? All of this because of Rain on Me. I can't speak for the little monsters, but I found Joanne extremely lukewarm and boring. I thought it was missing everything I loved about Gaga and I was not on board for that album. I appreciated ASIB and I had this idea that we would never get the Gaga I fell in love with back. Then Stupid Love dropped, and while i didn't love the iphone quality of the video I thought it was nice to see choreography come back and be full center. (I think there was some in John Wayne but it wasn't as prominent to me) But that was mostly all SL had to offer. Rain on Me is the gaga I love. It has the choreography in the forefront like I had just said about Stupid Love, but it has a much better placement and I see a story here that doesn't need to be shoved in our faces with intro dialogue. The song is telling the story and that's all that mattered to me. The visuals had no right being as good as they were, with the amount of CGI they used. But it works, it's the early 2010 Gaga we all remember for iconic looks and choreography through glossy computer generalized backgrounds and effects. I think this is perfect for Chromatica since the album seems to be a sort of meta character/story in it's own right. I am very excited for the album because of this video, I was iffy but Gaga reassured me this will be a great pop record and return to form.
  6. Black Honey

    Don't get Charli dragged
  7. Party 4 u made me kind of emotional omg it was a great track I cant wait to listen to with friends! My friends probably won't let me play the other songs A solid album, and during the time limit it was made I'm super impressed, if you are a Charli stan you are getting FED. Kii at C2.0 being a filler but still better than the original track it sampled
  8. Because it went number 1 i guess
  9. Black Honey

    I don't think she will ever go away. She has established a steady fan base before her debut album even came out. The EP she made before it was widely popular already, I can see her getting another number 1 for sure though.
  10. Black Honey


    Please. Nicki would be the only way I’d stream this
  11. Black Honey

    Rina could absolutely make Confessions, but could Madge make XS?
  12. Black Honey

    start it over and randomize the roles, this slasher movie serving 45 minute runtime i did all that gossiping in the PMs and for what