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    Why'd you set Lizzo up like this? Super Model / Cuz I Love You Love Galore / Like a Girl Doves in the Wind / Juice Drew Barrymore / Soulmate Prom / Jerome The Weekend / Crybaby Go Gina / Tempo Garden / Exactly How I Feel Broken Clocks / Better in Color Anything / Heaven Help Me Wavy / Lingerie Normal Girl / Boys Pretty Little Birds / Truth Hurts 20 Something / Water Me
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    I kind of like this one But literally any of these would slay
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    Say it louder
  4. bleachhairedasshole

    MGK won that beef solely on the fact that he got a rise out of Eminem, the free promo backfired on that trailerpark fad
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    I'm probably the only holychild stan still on here but this album is kind of mediocre, it's a shame because their debut album (x) is ahead of it's time sonically and conceptually. It's like prototype pc music with a more obnoxious and grungy vibe, they even coined "Brat Pop" and it felt fresh too. This album feels like a sequel to that that came 4 years too late, I don't really hear any growth in this album and I used to stan when I was like 15 years old, I'm 20 now and I feel like this album missed the train And I promise these are not 's they had the tea with that first album and saw some cute success
  6. First Single: Second Single: Third Single: 1. Over You 2. Number One 3. Hundred Thousand Hearts 4. Raining Romance 5. Haunt Me In The Night 6. Carmelo 7. Fight For Me 8. Patron Saint 9. Saturday 10. Wishing You Away https://open.spotify.com/album/15Yh4yrQawgY5DzNkqwWqn?si=oOGMkPV2SBKimMrqKvUE3Q
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  8. I better see you girls talking about FKA Twigs by tomorrow brit15

    1. Urbanov

      We are talking about her right now brit15 

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    Celeb News

    DL1 aged well
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    I can almost feel my lace Slipping off cuz of the bass
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    1989 Reputation but only because I didn't listen to Lover
  12. bleachhairedasshole

    I mean it's not her fault this remake looks visually bland and the girls except for Kristen Stewart look boring as hell, the soundtrack tanked but the movie will tank harder. kii at the studio thinking the soundtrack could save this mess
  13. kind of obsessed with black eyed peas' edm stuff, I miss this sound


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    It's really not surprising she has the best verse on Brooke Candy's album. She is the best feature period
  15. the pretenders have bops omg who knew bey6