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  1. now why did nobody tell me about this queen  


  2. nnn same it was Ballad city and i'm disappointed. I liked good 4 u a lot so I guess they chose the singles well this era
  3. I'm annoyed that Bloodpop is just slapping all his industry friends on these remixes instead of getting interesting producers like she used to do on her other remix albums but whatever, Bree is going to be the BEST part of this remix album!
  4. RIP to my favorite producer, im torn apart
  5. Don't Panic being one of my faves Aftertaste - 26 Something In the Way You Move - 34 On My Mind - 30 Around U - 8 Codes - 28 Love Me Like You Do - 3 Don't Need Nobody - 35 We Can't Move To This - 38 Lost and Found - 64 Devotion - 58
  6. I have to figure out how I'm going to get my hands on it, I don't think I will be able to purchase internationally. Hopefully there will be someone on Discogs willing to sell it at a fair price
  7. I'm excited for the 2 Chainz, SZA and City Girls features, but this album is dropping so SUDDEN! I hope it performs well, this is her Pink Friday. You can only debut once!
  8. Disco trinity: Dancefloor Darling, Real Groove, I Love It iggy1

  9. Wait does it include the deluxe tracks? I have the standard blue, so I wouldn't mind re-purchasing
  10. I prefer TUN to this tbh but my trio is Nasty, Six Thirty, and Just Like Magic
  11. This is a slay! I think he went all out and should be praised. Halloween is a fun "holiday" and seeing celebrities use their funds to do the perfect costume really entertains me, sue me
  12. Hate Me GROWING on me like a parasite I bet you don't kiss her with your eyes closed I bet youre still walking on a tight rope
  13. New Heights omg This is definitely the opposite of Delirium, all the missing ballads from that album can be found here. I think some of it is a bit boring, but I will probably grow onto this immensely! edit: I don't think EG.0 is that bad. Close to Me is just so fucking generic, it would be a slay if they switched it with the Red Velvet version.