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  1. "Drive" is a registered song and Marina Diamandis was in the US a couple of months ago recording in the studio... could this be real?
  2. She will get dragged relentlessly by critics if she names the album that and it isn't perfection Posted from my iPhone using the FOTP app
  3. Alex Turner is from Arctic Monkeys not Tame Impala??? Posted from my iPhone using the FOTP app
  4. Benny Blanco also produced Marina's "How To Be a Heartbreaker" her upbeat album is coming
  5. This is my first topic don't let it flop!! Also some background on this supposed snippet: 1. It is apparently from a french promo CD (??) 2. It is one of two OTTR demos (Not the original demo we all want with the military drums/diff vocals from the studio version. 3. It may not be much, but at least it confirms that OTTR demos do exist and aren't just being hoarded by selfish bottoms! 4. Still have yet to get confirmation that this snippet is even real, but it is quite obvious that it is an early mix (similar to the Raise Me Up early mix)
  6. I think it might actually be legit... http://lanadelreymotel.tumblr.com/post/145609786232/offtotheracesdemo
  7. Does this mean post-UV material could leak? How does hacking her twitter even give him access to songs?