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  1. DorothyWang

    Honestly, I didn't go with Bianca but I did hear that she was gonna be there and I wanted to avoid all sorts of drama and didn't wanna put you both in an awkward position like the previous times so I went with some other friends to calmly enjoy Mariah's show with no drama in between.
  2. DorothyWang

    YAAAAAAS BABE! I know how much you love Mariah so I HAD to go and see her!
  3. DorothyWang

    MOD NOTICE: Keep the shade in BG.
  4. DorothyWang

    Loved meeting you too babe, had such a blast!
  5. DorothyWang

    Thank you baby girl.
  6. DorothyWang

    She was the sweetest. Here's our picture together.
  7. WTF is up with Nicks sales? I thought he was selling good. He's been top 5 on itunes the entire week.
  8. What about with Justin? When is Cold Water coming out?
  9. DorothyWang

    Yesss! I LOVE PERFECTLINDA! That's my nickname for her since she has no flaws LOL! Do you know a site that has all her HQ pictures? Belindaphotos.org deleted their site!
  10. Ty Dolla $ign part is so good!
  11. I love it, my favorite part is when he's dancing shaking his shoulders.