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  1. It was actually an upvote, bitch. My phone was trying me. Can't imagine actively stanning for current Moo after that New Years fiasco. Miss u.
  2. Game

    10/10 Not lying, one of my fav Madge songs ever. <3
  3. I literally love u. I understand how scary it might have been. What a careless asshole that should be fired asap. Much love. <3
  4. Omg yes please. Just imagine how healthy the school menus would be. President Shannon, saving one child at a time and helping them reach their goal weight. Also President Shannon, reinstating all sex offenders back to the jobs they were fired from. #MakeAmericaRapeAgain
  5. Came to say HI to a beautiful sister, *hugs to my bae

  6. I see u sis. Love and miss u. Hope you're doing well. <3

    1. PhCh

      Come back sis

    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      I wish things could be as easy as that. I miss a lot of people here and there were far too many good times to ever be forgotten <3, but the bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. :(

  7. Choosey gave me your email but then you never responded to the email I sent you, even though I told you it was me in the title. :(

  8. This game is cancelled cos the host is out of town. forever.
  9. Game

    Yes Yes Yes. I support this message.
  10. Horrible. 1:51-onwards...


  11. Top 20 mentions and top 10 mentions/comments would be better considering how many songs were submitted.