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  1. Omg yes please. Just imagine how healthy the school menus would be. President Shannon, saving one child at a time and helping them reach their goal weight. Also President Shannon, reinstating all sex offenders back to the jobs they were fired from. #MakeAmericaRapeAgain
  2. Came to say HI to a beautiful sister, *hugs to my bae

  3. I see u sis. Love and miss u. Hope you're doing well. <3

    1. PhCh

      Come back sis

    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      I wish things could be as easy as that. I miss a lot of people here and there were far too many good times to ever be forgotten <3, but the bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. :(

  4. Choosey gave me your email but then you never responded to the email I sent you, even though I told you it was me in the title. :(

  5. This game is cancelled cos the host is out of town. forever.
  6. Game

    Yes Yes Yes. I support this message.
  7. Horrible. 1:51-onwards...


  8. Top 20 mentions and top 10 mentions/comments would be better considering how many songs were submitted.
  9. Sis if these headlines aren't fake then I honestly don't blame those people for doing that. I blame the countries for allowing this to happen. I mean there's a difference between having mosques and religious freedom and having a Sharia Zone like wtf. How did they just let that happen?
  10. I'm confused. Who exactly wants Sharia Law in Europe? I feel like it's just one of those false accusations that Faux News makes about Europe. I feel that people that migrated just want to preserve their rights to practice THEIR religion (wearing hijabs, etc) Where does the whole Islamification of Europe come into play?
  11. @Kali @Coca-Cola @Nocturn


    Me and @Anna-wa are free tomorrow if yall want at 2 or 3 pm EST, so we can watch the amazing:




    So how do yall feel about the time??

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    2. Kali

      hi sis hug1 i'm glad you're okay. glad you've reconnected with family and that they are supporting you. hope everything gets sorted out for you legally, the system is so fucked up, but now at least you are no longer fighting alone. i'm wishing you the very best, peace and happiness <3

    3. fab

      aww it's so nice to hear of you again cry9  welcome back sis cry9 

    4. Nocturn


      H.O.N.E.Y.'s comeback. 

      Hi! gaga13  Wait, you were in jail because of that incident? orly1