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  1. This game is cancelled cos the host is out of town. forever.
  2. Game

    Yes Yes Yes. I support this message.
  3. Horrible. 1:51-onwards...


  4. Top 20 mentions and top 10 mentions/comments would be better considering how many songs were submitted.
  5. Sis if these headlines aren't fake then I honestly don't blame those people for doing that. I blame the countries for allowing this to happen. I mean there's a difference between having mosques and religious freedom and having a Sharia Zone like wtf. How did they just let that happen?
  6. I'm confused. Who exactly wants Sharia Law in Europe? I feel like it's just one of those false accusations that Faux News makes about Europe. I feel that people that migrated just want to preserve their rights to practice THEIR religion (wearing hijabs, etc) Where does the whole Islamification of Europe come into play?
  7. @Kali @Coca-Cola @Nocturn


    Me and @Anna-wa are free tomorrow if yall want at 2 or 3 pm EST, so we can watch the amazing:




    So how do yall feel about the time??

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    2. Anna-wa

      That's fine by me; I get out of school at 2:50 PM EST and am back home by about 4 PM EST *AT THE LATEST* most days. So yeah I'll be here for that!

    3. Coca-Cola

      i'm good with that time happy1


    4. Kali

      Hi everyone. I'm sorry I won't be able to make the movie this afternoon as somethings come up. But I hope you guys have fun happy1 

  8. Watch him try to learn from Cosby's case. It's very telling now.... nat1