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    So I've been feeding these stray cats for a month now, the one on the left was so small when I first found her, she has a belly now lol. Anyways I cannot believe I actually found her yesterday trapped under an old refrigerator on the rooftop of our building. The weird part is she's in this small space in the back and the fridge is pushed against the wall so she can't get out and there's no room under it for her to come out. Idk if someone pushed the fridge with her in it or what but if I hadn't heard her crying she probably would've died there cos she was sweaty and dirty and looked like she was trapped for a day or so. brit2


    The male on the right is my fav tho. He's so attached to me now. wub1

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      Those cats are adorable. God bless you for taking them under your wing. antm1

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