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  1. I've never seen so much trolling in one video b4, but my god it had me dying. rip3 



    1. Come To Shine

      This song is a bop, the auto-tune wasn't needed on it. tbh

  3. Game

    8 is good enough
  4. Not @#1 single-handidly saving the BG's from flopdom one thread at a time.
  5. More points for Rihanna for sticking with talent I guess. Makes her seem more genuine than I thought.
  6. @Breathless Mahoney why u little sneaky bitch. I can't at u sneaking with Mel C on stage and blowing off the other three. Shots fire. interesting1


  7. Ok I get it now
  8. Maybe u answered in your head.
  9. Wait I'm not tagged does this mean u received mine or not?
  10. Wait.. that's what I do and have been doing in past seasons of TAG. So now I'm being sabotaged for being a whistle-blower. I see.
  11. I didn't know she possessed a larynx.
  12. The sabotage is real. @Tampon up here pulling the "it got lost in the mail" excuse. I'd sue the good sis and wipe out ha bank account AND win TAG.