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  1. Imperfect snapped! The sass jumped out!
  2. @I Brings That Levity ask your questions.
  3. Reporter #1 (@H.O.N.E.Y): 1/ Who are 2 posters you'd put on a shelf, 2 posters you'd put in a drawer, and 2 poster you'd return to the store u got them from? 2/ Current Mariah vs Prime Xtina who wins? Current Madonna vs Prime Britney who wins? 3/ You are on a stranded island cos the plane crashed. You have only one bag that wasn't burned in the fire. Before u open it you are wishing your most needed stuff are in. One album u wish is in it? One cleaning product u wish is in it? One snack u wish is in it? One picture u wish is in it? And one book u wish i
  4. Mind if me and @I Brings That Levity we add questions for u 2 answer?
  5. "I'm from every continent in Africa except one AND I'm from every continent in Europe except for one!"
  6. Washington is a country?
  7. That was a drag. That was a dragg. 



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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      True. Still was an effortless drag. That season she mopped the floor with all of them including some contestants. lana7

    3. Urbi


      26 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

      True. Still was an effortless drag. That season she mopped the floor with all of them including some contestants. lana7

      I wish they came back with 3rd season :(

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      I watched all versions. It was a great show. cry7

  8. You can only fake being a persona for so long. A crack is inevitable and here's mine. lol3 

  9. @Savage @Brinty why do I feel like Hilary with ha leaked emails? lol3

  10. Exactly. + the other 2 feel 'unfinished'. Keep the Trance sounds like a modernized version of Mr Vain it just needed a few tweaks to the great production (the drums/snares need a change) and a complete change of the lyrics.
  11. #HoneyBoycotts

  12. Hey yall, me, like Nicki, I was joking this wholllllleee time. Man u should've seen your faces haha. This whole thing was an act. From start to finish. lol3

    1. Royalty


      Sure thing darling

    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      @Royalty I'm mocking Nicki, obviously my situation wasn't me joking AND NEITHER IS NICKI. Me and her are on the same boat. lol3 


    This one was good, yes it was. 


  14. @fuck love gimme diamonds


    1. Chapman


      I never realised you were 113 years old oprah12

  15. H.O.N.E.Y

    Why Try.mp3

    There are people that want u and like your presence. Me being one of them. I get that the heat is driving u insane and the drama here got stale QUICK we def need to liven the place up more.
  16. Yasss sis. We need posters like u that challenge the system. Stay sis. I'll pm u on details on what I want and what it's for.
  17. Sis I need to hear your take on FOTP both through the years and the current state/current posters and mod team. But I need it on audio and print for my project I think a truth-teller like u would spice it up.
  18. U sure like to dip and dive here and there. I thought we lost u for a min. Busy schedule?
  19. Just wanted to say hi to some of my fav ppl here who happen to all stan Mandy @frankgutz @Ruthless Love @Beel Other stans can't relate.
  20. Hoes listen to the new Brooke song it's a bop. Medonesters aren't too familiar with bops tho.