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  1. I love mariah 20 times more now.
  2. I loved Mixtape Nicki and I know people have been jumping on the bandwagon of "we miss the real Nicki" but I was actually aware of her before she even was feature on that Mariah song. When Bionic was coming out and Woohoo was released as a buzz single in May 2010 I was ECSTATIC cos I was already a fan of Nicki and was obsessed with this song. I also loved this tune back then.
  3. Did I put words in your mouth tho? I said I CARE about Remy. I love talent tbh.
  4. Omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss!! Imma need ALL the RnB hoes to feature queen Remy now. Thx Nicki for the promo now Remy needs to get to work and snatch her crown back.
  5. In my mind... like ya know... in my mind... this was her lil teaser track.. what do they call those these days? Oh yeah, Buzz Singles.. like in my mind ya know what I mean? Yeah like Ig.... Iggy? *looks to Norman for confirmation* Yeah I think you need to just call this a buzz single and go back to the drawing board and deliver a real hit cos nobody's checking for this one. *coughs* *laughs* *sips* [/wendy voice]
  6. It's the only good thing about it tbh. It's a cute track at best, but really? Comeback material? No. Not after she flat out flopped to hell and back for 2 years now. She needs another acclaimed crossover smash like Work.
  7. The 2nd one is totally me. eve1


  8. rip4  Literally yall, if yall don't watch 'Veep' yall better start. cry6

  9. When that bass drops cry6


    1. Hermione

      She went OFF on RHOBH last night and it was a bit over-the-top tbh rip4 Eileen is her friend and didn't mean it that way with her comment.

  10. Idk sis I'm just organizing it nothing is in my hands. Maybe u can ask @Jony and @Lachlan who are the judges.
  11. Review

    Unoriginal =/= bad. Bionic was half original, half unoriginal. Most tracks range from good to okay. Lotus was 100% unoriginal, listenable but basic, some tracks were weak tho.
  12. Review

    I died when I saw this. Like it was so random.
  13. Review

    I prefer the debut to Bionic.
  14. Review

    Exactly... Bionic takes AWAY from the originality of Xtina (even tho she tried to be original in the early stages), Stripped and B2B was Xtina doing her OWN sound. So when people want to be introduced to Xtina they should first digest those 2 albums well.
  15. Review

    Yes stripped should be next. But u have to see all the videos too they tell the story of the album.
  16. Review

    Mess at me thinking this was your thread about u listening to B2B for the 1st time.
  17. Other

    I think he needs an extra 7 months to watch that one.
  18. That song actually made me like Zara a bit after months of me being turned off from her.
  19. Game

    10 One of her best.
  20. @Jony @Lachlan @PhCh Auditions So Far: 1. @Count Olaf - [G-Eazy & Kehlani - Good Life] 2. @Hannah. - [Ariana Grande - Touch It] 3. @Bambi - [Azealia Banks - 1991] 4. @Beyoncé Knowles - [Nao - Bad Blood] 5. @BJORK - [Active Child - Ancient Eye] 6. @Hermione - [Solange - Cranes in the Sky] 7. @#1 - [LØVER - Lonely Now] 8. @Milk - [Madonna - Frozen] 9. @Royale - [The Weeknd - Wicked Games] 10. @QUINN - [Phosphorescent - Song For Zula] 11. @Shiver - [White Lies - Getting Even] 12. @Kuba - [Ellie Goulding - Little Dreams] 13. @Woolridge - [Lady Gaga - Pokerface] 14. @Dr. Slay - [Kylie Minogue - The One] 15. @Pandora - [Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill] 16. @Splishy Splashy - [Morgan Page ft Lissie - The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)] 17. @SANDCASTLES - [Tove Lo - Lies in the Dark] 18. @Sylk - [Mariah Carey - Do You Think of Me] 19. @Miss Movin' On - [Britney Spears - My Prerogative] 20. @Kristina - [Astrid S - Hurts So Good] 21. @Zachary - [Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson - Symphony] 22. @Nightmare - [Tove Lo - Flashes] 23. @Jae - [Carly Rae Jepson - Warm Blood] 24. @Hyun. - [Ellie Goulding - Figure 8]
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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      @Nocturn This movie is a mega-mess but I love it and it reminds me of my childhood cos I used to sneak and watch it on VHS (it was my father's from his early years rip4). Plus there's the amazing Bette Middler. rav3




    3. Nocturn

      I watched it. eve1 

      You definitely should watch Outrageous Fortune and Ruthless People (the 80s movies with Bette Middler). 



      The trailers for Outrageous Fortune are horrible on YT, so don't base movie's quality on them.  Here is a small part (good quality) from it:


    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      Omg that scene was so hilarious. I love Bette. rip4

  21. This is the auditions, tomorrow it will be revealed whose chosen to move on in the game. Then the task will be given to the players and they have to submit their playlists. Saturday 3 PM EST are the results.
  22. We'll see if you've got taste in u by the end of this.