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  1. B2B is my favorite Xtina album!!
  2. Slow Down Baby!!! One of my favorites off B2B Disc 1!!! I love it, but I'm okay with where it is on the list.
  3. This is true, so bittersweet though. I do really love them both.
  4. I was a huge fan before COOB! BUT, it made me a STAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it was in the top 10.
  5. Oh Mother is such a beautiful song. I'm sad it's out of the running now
  6. She looked so sexy in this video!
  7. Yeah, Diddy is embarrassing. Queen sounds so sexy on the song though! Say Something is my favorite Xtina collab.
  8. You not here for Collabtina?
  9. Thanks for the update!