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  1. Charts

    That's tragic She needs to focus the song and comeback with something else.
  2. Well... I'm not really surprised. I knew Gaga's comeback wouldn't have been a "big thing"... Itunes receipts are (nearly) ok but her streaming power is very low Now I don't know how she can turn PI into a hit 'cause it doesn't have it Maybe it will be slowly scrapped for another song soon?
  3. You guys need to check this remix The break takes me to God. Only True Bible
  4. She said the song was written some years ago... So yes i could be from PRISM sessions. Anyway I so moved by that song : Katy is really good at making strong anthem... And I needed a song like this lately. I'm buying this on Itunes.
  5. OMG this is the slayage "Make Me" haven't made me... Nothing special : classic production... But this melody is so powerful and catchy A great appetizer before KP4. No one's wig is safe.
  6. Nick Jonas - "Unhinged"
  7. Other

    You can add me in the A(rianotors)list I've been stanning for Ari since April 2014. Before I remember listening "Yours Truly" and saying something like "OMG this is so cheesy, sounds like Mariah rip off"... Then "Problem" was released and a see the light So I gave a second listen to "Yours Truly" and I've noticed that despite being labeled "throwback rnb" it's mainly very poppy "Baby I" "Piano", "Better Left Unsaid", "Popular" and "You'll Never Know"are really positive and joyful songs. I live for "The Way" and "Daydreamin'" Then she released the pop perfection series "Break Free", "Bang Bang", "Love Me Harder" and "One Last Time" and I think she has stolen every Britney/Katy/Kylie/Madonna/etc stans. I'm so sad, I didn't see her while her tour, hope I will catch up asap Ahhh and I promote her A LOT :
  8. Work Bitch This is one of the catchiest beat I've ever heard. Too bad she didn't promote it enough, it could have been THE anthem of 2013.
  9. Album

    OMG hope this album will be released this year, but i start doubting about this
  10. Other

    Focus feat. CupcaKke