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  1. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    Ready to see Sue Me @ number 1
  2. I'm looking at the #PopIndustry section and y'all did Bjork filthyfall1

    It's even sadder that Domicile would have been her highest entry on the album charts irl fall1

  3. We Remember: 1939

  4. Why is this bitch still a thing

    Because she's a rap icon and literally paved the way for most if not all rap g0rls that came after her.
  5. We Remember: 1939

    My dumb ass really thought this would be about music in 1939
  6. Debut vs. Post

    Human Behaviour vs. Army of Me Crying vs. Hyperballad Venus as a Boy vs. The Modern Things There's More to Life Than This vs. It's Oh So Quiet Like Someone in Love vs. Enjoy Big Time Sensuality vs. You've Been Flirting Again One Day vs. Isobel Aeroplane vs. Possibly Maybe Come to Me vs. I Miss You Violently Happy vs. Cover Me The Anchor Song vs. Headphones Play Dead vs. I Go Humble Atlantic vs. Charlene I Remember You vs. Sweet Intuition
  7. How Did You Get Into Björk?

    It was actually by a member on this forum. It was late 2015/early 2016 I thought "Venus As A Boy" was some unreleased Gaga track... pls don't ask me why. But then I looked it up and it was the first Bjork song I listened too. I then hopped around her discography, went from one song on Debut to Stonemilker then back a couple years and then listened to Hunter. Last year I was able to listen to her entire discography and here I am. She's so refreshing and albums like Homogenic really helped me get through the stress I was going through last year
  8. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    Came back to FOTP right before the album's release How is everyone?
  9. K-Pop/J-Pop

    I'm ready for my Queen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to come and slay
  10. Celeb News Carly Rae dyes hair blonde

  11. who's prob flop worse with the next album- britney or gaga

    She should just leave RCA just like Xtina
  12. Discussion Honeymoon Inn feat. Nicki Minaj

    His IG has me dripping all over my wooden floors
  13. Discussion Honeymoon Inn feat. Nicki Minaj

  14. Discussion Honeymoon Inn feat. Nicki Minaj

    I'm getting dirty thoughts