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  1. Veronica Electronica


    so addictive but all night remains her best song, this can be #3
  2. Veronica Electronica

    madge, janet and bjork easily
  3. Veronica Electronica


    the way all night is still the song of the millennium
  4. Veronica Electronica


  5. Veronica Electronica


    so excited for swimmer
  6. Veronica Electronica


    bless your taste we also love a tennis stan! swimmer aoty already i fear
  7. Veronica Electronica


    i love 90s/00s music the most but am I the only one that doesn't really mind the trap domination like its really not that bad...in fact i despise the 2011'd EDM pop music because most of it is dated rn to each their own i guess but this decade wasn't bad if you knew where to look. Twigs, Tinashe, Kelela, Rihanna, Beyonce, Rosalia, Ariana (especially 18-19) and more.
  8. Veronica Electronica

    7 rosebuds in my anus break up my anus, i'm bored ______________________________________________________________________________ anal for the summer anal not vaginal tell me you love anal ____________________________________________________________________________ anal poetry anal of me its oh so anal _____________________________________________________________________________ unlock anal out of my ass boom clap ( the sound of my ass )
  9. Veronica Electronica

    i kinda see all sides to the discussion on justin lately but y'all are enjoying it a bit tew much
  10. a new era whewΒ 

  11. i did not know y'all take games like this that seriously, not a two day ban dead2Β 

    1. RihannaRTT

      Yes I'm a troll mad1Β But a loving one, so we only do it once a year and the prizes far outweigh the punishments. As Katy said, its like roulette. Better luck next year luv <3

  12. Veronica Electronica


  13. Veronica Electronica