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  1. Veronica Electronica


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    so excited for swimmer
  3. Veronica Electronica


    bless your taste we also love a tennis stan! swimmer aoty already i fear
  4. Veronica Electronica


    i love 90s/00s music the most but am I the only one that doesn't really mind the trap domination like its really not that bad...in fact i despise the 2011'd EDM pop music because most of it is dated rn to each their own i guess but this decade wasn't bad if you knew where to look. Twigs, Tinashe, Kelela, Rihanna, Beyonce, Rosalia, Ariana (especially 18-19) and more.
  5. Veronica Electronica

    7 rosebuds in my anus break up my anus, i'm bored ______________________________________________________________________________ anal for the summer anal not vaginal tell me you love anal ____________________________________________________________________________ anal poetry anal of me its oh so anal _____________________________________________________________________________ unlock anal out of my ass boom clap ( the sound of my ass )
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    i kinda see all sides to the discussion on justin lately but y'all are enjoying it a bit tew much
  7. a new era whewΒ 

  8. i did not know y'all take games like this that seriously, not a two day ban dead2Β 

    1. RihannaRTT

      Yes I'm a troll mad1Β But a loving one, so we only do it once a year and the prizes far outweigh the punishments. As Katy said, its like roulette. Better luck next year luv <3

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  12. Veronica Electronica

    it is and more. lifes too short, bated breath, cold sweat, vulnerable, soul glitch....masterpieces
  13. Veronica Electronica

    i was trolling in the first part but really tinashe is an amazing artiste and you should give her another stream chance