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  1. i'm sorry idk how people despise this album the only critique is that i don't think tommy brown can produce a full album by himself but i still love this record the lack of promo, while understandable, is....
  2. stanned for the looks and stayed for the music
  3. this might be because i love her down but if you enjoyed sweetener, thank u, next and like yours truly sonically, you will LOVE this. it has a cute 90s - 00s feel and its very cohesive
  4. positions sweetener thank u, next yours truly dangerous woman my everything
  5. yeah, it would be real cute if she did more stuff on the website or even on twitter but i'm more concerned about her health and happiness
  6. i get if she doesn't because i don't like it when stans harrass their faves over promotion, especially given ariana's case but it would be nice if we got fun stuff here and there. i just miss seeing her speak and stuff but
  7. if the rollout is similar to a 90s rollout where the album drops super early and gets PUSHED >>>>> a dream
  8. imo yes, it has everything i wanted from ariana and hints from more ariana needs to go full 90s DIVA and give us house and r&b, maybe some neo soul and new jack swing and positions is kind of a piece of that
  9. her best album opening with those numbers but then again she did choose thee worst week to release
  10. i do agree that max is overrated, especially in comparison to pharrell and tommy to a lesser extent sweetener is her best record monopoly eats up half of her discography
  11. get naked at two that song slaaaaaaaaaaams
  12. the snippetttt is soooooo goood i thought that she was getting a bit too comfortable with the tu,n sound but this is next level