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  1. worIdwideangeI

    whew all that promo to do shockingly low numbers
  2. worIdwideangeI

    felony doesn't deserve shite!
  3. worIdwideangeI

    i would like being a magic gyal
  4. worIdwideangeI

    wait this looks mad sickening let me sign up real quick
  5. worIdwideangeI

    off topic but your sig and avi are so sickening
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  7. worIdwideangeI

    well because kim's identity plays a factor into who will work with her as much as she doesn't want it too she has said that record labels either wanted her to hide her trans identity, exploit it, or made her out to be a risky client because of it also she was introduced to luke by aaron joseph in 2014(the one who pushed this idea that kim has much more power over her collaborations than she really does) and she basically hinted / stated that she's trapped in a publishing / distribution deal with luke who would most likely do everything in his power to ruin her career if she spoke out imo, if she was willingly working with luke and condoning his behavior then many of her collaborators would have issues with that (i.e. charli who hates luke) and yes hollywood is the furthest thing from sunshine and happiness and maybe they don't care about her working with luke but i have a strong feeling that she's an exception because people like charli, ariana, etc. probably have more insight on her association with luke and know that its much more complex than her simply working with luke because she wants too luke is known for stealing or sliding his way into writing credits (i.e. treasure island which azealia claims was produced by cirkut but because he worked for luke at the time, luke was given credits as well) and that may have been the case for her era 1 singles as well as the sophie collab now i'm not saying that you should support kim because i get it, but there's much more to the story than just her willingly working with luke without understanding or caring about the ramifications of doing so
  8. worIdwideangeI

    now sis.... everything else tho was perfect
  9. worIdwideangeI

    no if anything she's underrated because people like OP gloss over her achievements
  10. worIdwideangeI

    sam is such a cutie but imagine them screaming about 5H every other minute
  11. worIdwideangeI

    everyone saying charli when itโ€™s in the top ten of best albums released this year
  12. worIdwideangeI

    its called talent
  13. worIdwideangeI

    i prefer control but true blue is nice
  14. worIdwideangeI


    like stan like fave