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  1. worIdwideangeI

  2. worIdwideangeI

    camila getting dragged after her brave ass fans tried it with the girls
  3. what is katy's a album OT: XCX world kinda even tho Charli shits on it Original Doll I'm curious about the original AG4 but i feel like it would have been very DW 2.0 and erm no. ARTPOP Act. II The orginal FF and BJ...also the album for the Domination Residency
  4. worIdwideangeI

    Britshit cancels her album after her single fails to outperform Xtina .. not even a remix will help at this point
  5. worIdwideangeI

    yes no matter how annoying or drawn out it is fucking fuming over the 2003 kiss at nursing homes across the world
  6. worIdwideangeI

    Does the FOTP fume seem....hilarious?
  7. worIdwideangeI

    oop you bitches tried it charli is an experimental pop connoisseur who keeps to herself and is very sweet, how a thread about her stans turn into a drag Charli thread anyways happy to be an angel and not one of those stans that cry about how great 2010-2013 music was, like shut up and move awn
  8. worIdwideangeI

    serves omg
  9. worIdwideangeI

    only listen to three tracks and this is already my favorite charli album click shake it
  10. worIdwideangeI

    the best single off of the album