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  1. Worldwide Angel

    sweetener is ariana's best album and pharrell's production is the highlight artpop is gaga's best album and conversely btw is so fucking overrated and messy half of the music / interent trends wouldn't be a thing without MAYA (2010) by MIA itz > blackout (it pains me to say it) but the experimentation >>>> the fame kind of aged horribly, tfm >>>> madame x shits on all of the other pop girl releases tbh demi isn't as annoying as everyone makes her out to be...she's just outspoken and clocks most of your faves...the only time she was wrong was when she came for mariah 2010-2012 pop is the worst era in pop music....pure shite the way people try to discredit janet is gross, she's as influential as madonna whether she writes or not bey is multitalented rosalia is the most exciting artist to debut in this decade half of the girls wouldn't have fanbases if it weren't for charli xcx bjork isn't some crazy banshee and is responsible for a lot of trends, sounds and artists being as popular as they are gwen is more influential than people give her credit for trap music , hip hop and r&b aren't trash like some of y'all make it out to be.....i have if anyone is calculated, its taylor...not beyonce + more if you ever want to chat about it
  2. Worldwide Angel

    Tea but Juicy is immaculate
  3. Worldwide Angel

  4. Worldwide Angel

    doesn’t negate my statement
  5. Worldwide Angel

    MIA has been doing to flawlessly for some time now
  6. Worldwide Angel

  7. Worldwide Angel

    I haven't dragged my faves....on FOTP on twitter... ariana would be red
  8. Worldwide Angel

    someone said it brandy is so underrated as an artist deserves the world the one-two-three-four punch with her albums her pen her vocals
  9. Do Mylene stans still exist on here cheryl1

    1. Hylia

      I stan Stolen Car if that counts sia3 

    2. Worldwide Angel

      A serve clap3


      But get into ha, you won’t regret it antm1

  10. Worldwide Angel

    finally found the mylene base
  11. Worldwide Angel

    a certain fanbase discrediting a true ally just because their fave pandered to them until they turned on her and since then she has yet to look back
  12. europe failing madame x


    america wins again clap3

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    2. Jjang

      I don’t know - kworb doesn't let us see 

      And sad for you, he’s still a legendary figure with massive following who keeps releasing good music!

    3. Urbanov

      Maybe because it’s out of the list? Her streams in Europe are pretty weak on Spotify so wouldn’t be surprising 


      he’ll never top Born To Run anyway sia3 


    4. Worldwide Angel

      not madonna being a streaming empress 


      leaving my fave shook clap3 

  13. Worldwide Angel


    happy for the queen
  14. Worldwide Angel

    madonna's not lying and her risks come off as the most genuine the only other pop girl that was really spreading awareness the way madge did was queen janet with rhythm nation, janet. and tvr disrespecting legends will never be cute
  15. okay on the look for a new layout jj2