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  1. Thanks for all the messages & well-wishes every1 ugh they were too sweet. Y’all deserve the world <3
  2. Hi everybody. I just came here to type a few cliché things because I’m quitting. All the other few times I’ve said I was quitting turned out to be just frustration that the game was inconsistent - now that the game’s back in full swing, I guess this is it! This game has done so many different things for me in different times over the years that I can’t begin to describe - I’m very thankful for it. Watching it evolve has been something special, and meeting everyone that’s had part in this has been even more special. I’m still in disbelief that I can even think about having friends from different parts of the world. I’ve learned so many things from each and every one of you on personal and artistic notes… this game overall has really helped me advance my art which is the biggest thing I can take away from it. What’s prompting my decision this time around is that I’m not exactly having fun with this anymore… things feel pretty neutral to me, and more like work instead of play. This game is what it is: a game! It feels right that the moment things stop feeling as if they are a part of a game, then it’s time to take a step back and re-think priorities. This was an amazing way to kill time and connect with other artistic people! I’ve spent the last two weeks releasing my best body of work to-date and releasing my favorite single I’ve ever written. All in all, I’m so happy that I get to leave this little game on a great note and be able to look back on it with a smile! One thing I didn’t do in my other “quitting” paragraphs was write everyone a little something so I definitely want to do that this time around. @Jon. • Oh my God Jon, what can I say, you’ve been my best friend throughout all of this! From the second you started with Mariah on ATRL with these essay-like paragraphs and complex music videos (The Stygian Chavelier remains my favorite video of yours ever) I knew we were going to link up. It took me a few years to really form something with you - sorry, I just suck when it comes to people! - but I’m really happy that I did because I couldn’t picture how my summer nights in 2016 would’ve been spent as well as many, many nights at 3AM/4AM. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities you’ve given me in the game, and more importantly, all the support you’ve given me in the real world. Congratulations on the Super Bowl gig - I know you’re going to knock it out the park. The day we stop talking to each other is the day both of us sleep before midnight… so um… never, hopefully! @8Bit Heart • Alex? Alex. Alex! I’m really glad that after all this time we really started talking to each other on extensive levels. This game sometimes places a bit of a mold on conversation and all that, and in talking to you I felt like I could strip things back a bit and be more of myself. I’m super proud of the song we’ve made together since even that was years in the making and even though we talk here and there, many of the closet relationships with people I have in the real world are a link up once in three months, but we pick up right where we left off type of ordeal and I see us being no different. @Love So Soft • Ooh Seth… man, you’ve been like my same-age cousin who is likely to get arrested with me type of figure (if that exists?) in this game. On a game-related note, thanks for showing me more of Céline’s discography and things of that. All the performances and songs that you played for me made me interested enough to do more research on her, and ended up playing a role in how I’ve been shaping her projects. And more importantly, thanks for collectively ranting with me and holding me down before my crazy ass would hit “send” in these chats quicker than I can hit “backspace”/“escape”/Apple-Q. On a personal note, you’ve been a great friend and someone who I felt I could have real-based conversation with. Though I will say the best thing to happen between us is you getting me into Kelly! I’ve only been listening to Meaning of Life but it was one of my favorite albums of last year and I play the songs repeatedly on almost a daily basis between school, work, errands — everything, really. It’s crazy to think that you’ve actually had some sort of hand in how I enjoy myself walking to work! Hit me up on Twitter when her tour tickets are available because I’d meet you halfway and kick it with you at the concert 100%. @tigerlily13 + @Eglė • Oh shit, we go way back. It’s always felt nice to have the both of you around since we’ve been at places of real drama and we’ve seen the game evolve many times over. The both of you are fucking brilliant. Each time I’d see a release from either one of you, it’s like you’re looking at everyone in their eyes and saying, “Yeah. I just dropped that. What’s your next move?” Especially with me, you guys have motivated me to work on my craft a lot… I guess it’s because there have been multiple times throughout the years ATRL players have gotten shit collectively, and the both of you have set such a standard of quality material. The both of you are absolute sweethearts. Thanks for all the support and love you’ve shown over the years. @Harry_CAL • Harry you need to make a promise to yourself that you’ll continue to release music in the real world because let me tell you something: you’re going to make it. As a producer, as a writer… I have no idea how, but there’s something about you that’s so authentic, so special… I can’t put my finger on it. You have had me listening to Midnight several times over the months — some songs on a loop almost every day since — bawling my eyes out at 3AM. (with “Now He’s Gone” the most) I connect with you as an artist completely and there’s more people out there that need to experience that and you deserve to have people recognize your talent. You’re meant for a lot more than an online forum game. @Bleachella • I’ve got a shitton of respect for you Dylan, from different aspects. You keep it real as a person and as a creative you really deliver. A couple of the things that you’ve been posting the past few days have been so necessary not only for me, but for all of us. I didn’t know how much I could care about things that happen to us until this past week. You’ve really reminded me that this is a loving community of creatives as I was saying the prayers I promised I would and signed the petition you posted. I know sometimes when you’ve poked at me in the past I may have come off a lot bitter/strong, but trust me, there’s a lot of love there. And in a way I’m thankful because well someone needed to tell my crazy, illiterate ass how I was coming off so I’m glad you called me on my bullshit a couple of times! I’ve taken steps back and realized a couple of things. @Hector • Hector you’re hilarious. You need to quit this game and go on some sit-com or something… seriously, become an actor, or a pimp — I don’t know, you could rock either one! It’s been lots of fun having you around and talking to you through the chats just ‘cause you’re so lighthearted and bighearted. Ecuador is on my bucket list of places to visit so if I ever stop by I’ll let you know, or if you ever come up to New York hit me up because either way I need to experience a How To Be A Hoe class taught by the expert before I die. @Alesus • Alex… well, everything I’m about to tell you, you already know. The material you’ve put out over the years has also been a part in setting such a standard for the game. You’ve really made me want to step it the fuck up as a competitor. You’re crazy talented, super confident, your taste is unparalleled and you’re intelligent as hell! I love how in the chats, you really stick by tor your opinions and have a strong rationale — it’s made for some really, really great conversation to either be a part in, or witness. You’re going to become an excellent businessman. (Like I said, all nothing you don’t know!) @Harry Styles • Josh I think you’re super talented and funny, so a great combination! Thanks for all the love you’ve been showing for my work — both in-game and real life! (even though the real-life material is close to shit I don’t know why you guys like it sans the cupcakKe collab) I’m really happy you started to put out music in real life — I’m going to stay tuned for that for sure. @Cosmic • Ugh Noah why do you live in Boston I hate you! I feel like if we went to school together we would be that duo and for some reason I picture us rolling our eyes a lot at randoms when they start to try it which I think is my weird way of saying I think you’re really cool haha. I love how you’ve been in this completely different lane/world of your own with the material you’ve released in the game. You better make Charli the new Queen of Soundcloud ‘cause Lord knows these other players won’t! @Beauty Queen • Tove Lo and Timberlands and at times, very questionable taste… I mean… even though we’re not close I feel like I’m on another level with you spiritually. Absolutely. I’m not going to lie Brandon… I haven’t read much of your work with Halsey… because it’s Halsey, but from what I’ve seen with the album’s tracklist and all, you’re also in a complete different lane/world of your own and that’s really awesome. Thanks for the all love you’ve shown! @ryjapo • I appreciate all the little favors you’ve done for me Ryan. You’re also another favorite creative in this game of mine and I legitimately cried reading the “Maybe I” and “Passion of a Man” lyrics… I don’t know how you emote like that, but you do it really fucking well! I’m surprised I haven’t made an effort to talk to you aside from the game and really get to know you - I regret it. You seem like a really lowkey, lovely person. @Anitta • Deni, Deni, Deni — I’ve had such a great time working with you the couple of times we did. I really hope that you drop something new eventually because you’re talented. If not, hopefully I’ll see you around because you’ve always been super kind with me and you’re a great guy in general. I hope you’re still at it studying in the medical field — I’ve actually learned Brazil is the best place on the planet for proper brain surgery and I kind-of know someone who wants to get into that so I really hope everything works out with you regarding that. @Maria • Virgin, Mother, Maria, Mary — the amount of aliases blows my mind. You’ve been such a joy to hang around with and I’m so happy you got into this game to begin with. You really came up here and showed everyone that you were capable of getting shit together when we needed it and you deserve your props for that! Thanks a million for having my back from the start and for being a breath of fresh air with your personality! I really hope you don’t die from meth/math/whateveryourefertoitas. @Robert. • I can’t believe we’ve got another little ATRL lurker! (yes, I’m aware I’ve mentioned ATRL multiple times in this but it’s crucial history!) You’re an awesome guy and as a creative you’ve really come through with some game-changing stuff, especially the visuals department. I’m pissed that we’re never going to drop a visual together because it would’ve been such a moment but as you’ve covered yourself, what’s a boy to do? I’m rooting for you and Jon so hard! (Don’t cheat on him or I’ll pull up to Germany I don’t make empty threats!) And thanks for defining the word/artist Enya for me, because every time I see/hear her name I’m going to think of that video of you whimpering, drunk on the street and that alone is something glorious to think about. @Edu • We haven’t seen eye-to-eye always but at least we’ve got a couple of things in common. I don’t ever want there to feel like there’s hard feelings and things of that ‘cause you know what… you’ve come through with entertainment, there’s no denying that! It’s great to see you putting out new material — you know you’ve always been on next-level visuals so I’ll be excited for that in the future. @httppolarize + @Joanne • Ahh, my Jersey boys! Tate - you’re cool as hell and you’ve got great taste. I love how shady asf you are with your friends and if you’re ever feeling like introducing me to Shake Shack I’ll be saving my Shake Shack virginity for that. Disco - you remind me a lot of myself at your age, though I was never that into politics. I was really dramatic, really all-over-the-place, a little too emotional and real shitty at handling drama. I still don’t have my shit together but I think I’ve come a long way! Don’t let your peers in the real world mold your character and don’t be afraid to express yourself completely. I know by Cherry Hill and Camden it’s rougher than up here but as the years pass by your peers won’t mean a thing to you. Believe it or not I’ve got lots of love for you. The both of you know where to find me! (I mean in PMs on here not in the real world ‘cause yeah, I don’t do addresses that’s a little much but maybe we’ll link up elsewhere who knows!) @Surrealism • Hey April! First of all I’ve always thought your username is brilliant - I don’t think I’ve ever told you that. “Heart” is one of my favorite songs that’s been released in the game over a long, long period of time. Even if you’re not around to write down lots of articles or whatever, you take the game at your own pace and just enjoy it how you want. Don’t let the structure of the game feel like just dropping music isn’t enough - we’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for everyone’s stuff! @Chapman. • Alvin! You’re such a gem in this game and so underrated/overlooked - you deserve your props! I’m sad we never got to make Snazzi Sushi a thing since it was so out-of-the-box but I’ve enjoyed the back&forth tweets about sushi and our little chats here and there when you’re around. I loved how you would put footnotes in your music releases - it gave me lots more to digest when reading your work and it motivated me to follow that! @RebelHeart15 • You’re a really sweet kid Derrik. Check me if I’m wrong but I remember you said that you were helping your boss lay off a worker at your job and that you’re very well looked upon there even though you were sixteen. First of all, I have wild respect for you going out there and making your own money at the age of sixteen. And to be such a professional/great spirit - you’re gonna grow up to be someone amazing! The passion you’ve got for this game is adorable too. Sorry if I ever did you wrong (I’m sure I did!) and I’ll enjoy watching you grow as a creative. @Count Olaf • Boy, I hope you find Jesus real soon. @Kuba + @marsblyr + @timothee + @Marlon + any other new players • CAL is a great game and you guys are going to have lots of fun! Over the years this has been such a great creative outlet for me and I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people. Don’t be shy to drop material and talk with everyone - you’ll be glad you did! @Ronlop: And last but certainly not least, there’s you Ron. I feel like I could type two pages worth of an essay on this… it’s hard to pick select things to write. I’m not a fan of elephants in the room so I’ll address ours: your family comes from Israel; my family comes from Lebanon. Even though it’s taboo I’d rather tackle it head on: I never judge people based on their race, religion, heritage, or anything along those lines. I see people as individuals, so I never want you to feel that any reason why there was tension between us/we never really clicked was due to the moral/political differences. I may have expressed this before — I’m not sure — but I’ll say it again — my perspective on the situation in the Middle East is that I simply want things to get better. Yeah, it’s some cliché “world peace” stuff but you know I’m a bit corny! It’s one of the reasons I’m happy we were able to get things together and move forward as professionals. Call me cheesy, but it’s symbolic to me and gives me hope for the future of the world. I’ve enjoyed watching how the game has evolved and even though I’ve been a harsh critic, there is a lot of respect there and I will absolutely give you your credit any time, any day. I think you're very smart to the point where even though we’d type things in chats to each other, it’d feel as if we were having a completely different conversation mentally. We were able to call each other’s bluffs and for what’s it worth, I think that’s pretty cool. Thank you for everything you’ve done. If I’m forgetting anyone (I guarantee my dumbass did) quote me on it (needed to have a pun at some point!) and I’ll write to you. Shit, I’m really hoping I didn’t forget anyone. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish my projects, but if I do one day, I’ll be sure to post them for you guys. I think the final lyrics from Livid’s title track sum me up as a person best, so I’ll leave you guys with this: “It’s not that I’m a bad person. I’m just complicated. There’s a difference." It’s cool that even though George is my name, I’ll always be Georgie to you guys. My time’s simply up. Best of luck to everyone. Take care. <3
  3. I sent them the other day through Rabbit. LMK if they didn't go through.
  4. 1. The Weeknd & Lana Del Rey - Close to You 2. Kelly Clarkson - Romance 3. Christina Milian - Faded 4. Katy Perry - Disco Fling 5. Zayn - Nights Go By 6. Sam Smith - Better and Better 7. Céline Dion - Picnic @Ronlop The playlist is under Céline Dion's name - we'll charge the $15million from her account as well. Thanks! Oh wait I just found out playlists are on-hold for now. I'll update this in a few weeks when they can be purchased again.
  5. @Ronlop INDIE EXPENSES.
  10. @Ronlop I noticed ARCHITECTRESS disappeared from the Albums WW. I know the promo's been small this week but I just wanna make sure the preorders come through for "Picnic" + it re-charts. I know it has above 100k preorders, but I'm not sure what the exact number is. Maybe @Maria can help us out with this?