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  1. I blame both you bitches. Had y'all not revisited these Nicki lyrics... Fuck y'all for foreshadowing.
  2. signing latavia when we come btw jk, this game can choke
  3. brb trying not to jump off a cliff right now.
  4. CHRISTINA MILIAN F/ DREEZY L.M.K. (LET ME KNOW) SINGLE ARTWORK RELEASE POST PRODUCTION shoutout 2 @Harry_CAL thnx for mixing+mastering it. i've uploaded all the demos of the song so y'all can hear how ugly it sounded without harry's magic
  5. Hi everyone - just wanted to post this little cliché thing saying that I’ll be retiring as a player from the game. I know “retiring” is a weird word but I like it - I’ve spent a little over four years on this game, so I feel like as a “vet” it’s a nice word. I’ve really appreciated this game and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve also really appreciated the different people that have come, gone and/or stayed over the years. Getting to know y’all, seeing the work - it’s a privilege. For as long as back in the fourth grade, I wanted to make my own music and I started out by writing. I couldn’t tell y’all how much this game has made me step up my game and learn things about writing, production and even vocals in odd ways. Performances, creative ideas too. This has been such an outlet for me, through really bright times and really dark times that I’ve been through over the last four years. I couldn’t tell y’all how thankful I am for that. I’ve been working on multiple projects over the last year plus. Starting out with Christina, I’ve been working on her sixth studio album titled ‘Livid’. Its lead, “L.M.K. (Let Me Know)” — featuring Dreezy — was supposed to be out since September 8th. I’m going to leak it here the second I get home, since everything is done sans vocals, but I guess that’s not important anymore. The album would come out on October 27th, with this really cool 1900s Thriller/Crime inspired short film I had in the works coming out on Halloween. I’m still interested in finishing the album, but not the short film. The album will be leaked then too. As for Céline, I couldn’t tell y’all how proud I am of ‘ARCHITECTRESS’. I’ve still got a long way to go to finish it, and I will post it here when I do - sometime next year. There was a huge twist coming with the album. This entire time I’d been promoting it as “Céline’s last record”, but that was a lie. Another album, titled ‘DELUSIONS’ was going to be announced the day ‘ARCHITECTRESS’ dropped and would be released about a month later. I was particularly excited for ‘DELUSIONS’ because I would say it’s really the first personal album I’ve done in the game. I really think y’all were going to see a side of me through reading the lyrics that you don’t really know. It was a very sentimental, emotional record. I will leak it as well, when it’s finished, sometime next year. The most important thing I wanted to do though was ask y’all a question: Would you feel comfortable with me going back to reviewing albums on Metacritic? I’d still love to be a part of the game somehow, and I’m still very passionate in the idea that hard work deserves to be closely examined/appreciated, and since y’all seemed to have liked me on MC last year I figured it was worth asking. It’s just that with all this inconsistency, and a lot of paranoia that’s come back after a few years and some realizations as to how the social dynamic of the game is - I wouldn’t enjoy playing anymore. Of course, like I said, I’ll still be leaking projects. I think to “judge” everyone else without dropping shit myself is whack asf and y’all know I truly believe that so that’s the main reason why I’ll finish my projects and leak them. I love y’all though - well most of y’all, anyway. Thanks for everything!
  6. May we have an update? Do you think we'll be starting this back up tomorrow?
  7. ready whenever u are
  8. https://www.rabb.it/lucky17
  9. https://www.rabb.it/lucky17
  10. (not that that was supposed to sound shady) MESS, truly cementing my role as CAL's King of Blindness/Illiteracy/Stupidity. Disco is shook.
  11. Wow, even when sum1 braced a hurricane, Edu finds a way to put himself in the conversation. Wish I could say I'm surprised, but... edit: oop saw the edit & makes much more sense now. illiterate georgie strikes again.
  12. https://www.rabb.it/lucky17
  13. 🙃 was gonna drop this lead today... but i wouldn't mind dropping it 1day late. u know what to do ron 🙃
  14. CHRISTINA MILIAN: $274.000 @Ronlop I take it I'll just find out how much Christina made this previous week with Milian Mascara in addition to this week's sales that get announced Friday?