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  1. Whew y’all, this was a hard thread to read. Sometimes I feel some sort of way about the work she’s had done, but I could never be so bothered to put it on a thread that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in her circle sees and mentions to her. She’s a person you know? I saw her in June for the residency and watched so many of the X-tour performances and it seems like, once she’s comfortable, she’s singing at her best (maybe ever!). Like that ANOM opening from Moscow was WILD. And she’s actually working on new music: 2 soundtracks, 2 albums, and other projects that haven’t been announced y
  2. Some of you are acting like in the last year she didn’t give us an album, 2 tours, a Vegas show, and is working on multiple albums..... a bitch is busy and finally feeding us!
  3. I thought that too! if she wants to go have an evening supporting her friend why is that so bad? I think fans should remember she doesn't work for us. She's a person.
  4. For those who worry about her vocals nowadays, this is a great tweet. Attacking her producers for info and calling them out for saying soon like...chill???? It's X's moment. She's probably 1. Getting her body and vocals in performance condition, and 2. Giving Gaga her moment and making sure she has an open window to shine and not be compared to someone else (aka Katy Perry's "comeback" at the Grammy's this weekend).
  5. I wasn't impressed, sadly. She seemed to struggle a bit. Yes, half way through it got better, but then she dodged notes and seemed uncomfortable with the background singers. I hope we get another performance of Change soon, something of Lift Me Up quality.