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  1. Game

    get rid of: Group 1: - Hymn Group 2: - Love Into The Light Group 3: - Fuck Him He's a DJ
  2. Madonna Deeper and Deeper Paradise (Not For Me) You'll See Forbidden Love (both of them, mostly COADF one tho) Human Nature
  3. Other

    9/10 everything in terms of vocals, instrumentals and choreo is PERFECT, I just wish she didn't wear a simple tank top and a pair of jeans
  4. Game

    A fucking 11 tho what are y’all on
  5. here

    Is one of the mods out to get me hiding everything I post?

  6. Sis? We been knew! but omg congrats on winning your song was AMAZING
  7. well I did better than I initially expected seeing the first few scores Ireland did THAT and Moldova was ROBBED, enough tea for now, thanks @Entea this one was more fun than last ones fsr!
  8. the winner having taste? A CONCEPT
  9. BIIIIIITCH I did NOT expect that thank you for the 12 you've got TASTE @Kuba