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  1. Why is this bitch still a thing

    Literally every single one, okay I’ll stop arguing with kids have fun I guess!
  2. Discussion Beautiful Stranger Appreciation Thread

    Well ignore that!! Yes we stan
  3. Why is this bitch still a thing

    I love the change of topic from “auto tune filled songs” to “which album is better” mhm k
  4. Discussion Beautiful Stranger Appreciation Thread

    60s? Darling this song is from 1999
  5. Why is this bitch still a thing

    you stan Britney sweetie you don't have the right to speak on these topics
  6. FOTP Big Brother 7

    Well either way you played well, the point of this game is creating drama and being controversial and not just sitting in the corner doing nothing, although I feel betrayed I still think you brought it and you’ll be getting my vote
  7. FOTP Big Brother 7

    @Lust I heard you betrayed me and Jae wow what a snake well played I guess but I didn’t expect you to do that to us
  8. Photos Gaga bringing back the 80s on Instagram

  9. FOTP Big Brother 7

  10. FOTP Big Brother 7

    oh don't worry sweaty it's good enough when you're slaying you better come thru!
  11. FOTP Big Brother 7

  12. Celeb News Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spotted kissing

    can't wait for another massive break up scandal
  13. Game Song vs Song: Lady Gaga Edition

    A-YO vs John Wayne
  14. Achievement 12 years of COADF

    calling all my fossils come celebrate
  15. Achievement 12 years of COADF

    HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY TO MADONNA'S MAGNUM OPUS CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR without this audio BIBLE we wouldn't have had the legendary and iconic songs that are Hung Up, Sorry and practically every other song on the album it sold 12 MILLION COPIES WW come here and celebrate this legendary album