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  1. Is one of the mods out to get me hiding everything I post?

  2. I just had five duplicate posts I didn't even know that was possible


    1. Brightflower

      record-setting poster 


  3. why is the pioneers section hidden wendy4

  4. okay I wasn't keeping up WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MADGE SECTION rip2

  5. can we have bold usernames back

  6. one spot left! Snatch it


  7. i'm the one mess1 love me love me love me love me love me mess1

    1. xoticvvitch

      What song is this again?

    2. Milk

      Only one of the best songs evah 



    3. RebelMe


      I love this song so much gasp1


  8. I'm sad wendy4 you're becoming one of the tumblr wannabes here wendy4 I bet you're gonna change your name to "Parker." soon ksks wendy4

  9. buy MDNA on iTunes oprah13

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    2. Simón.

       vote for me here, i bought MDNA jj2

    3. Milk

      i did hun wendy4

    4. Simón.

      Thank you wub1


  10. Why do I suddenly have PoopInfection featured on my browser I-

    1. Chapman

      it's a sign for you to be forever subscribed to popfection congratulations cry7 

      but how is it featured lmfao1 

  11. Daily reminder that Bedtime Stories is still THAT album

    1. Saiga

      This will trigger some people cry2 

  12. why doesn't my last.fm bar work

    1. Chris Morlock

      theyve been offline for so long.

    2. Milk

      ksks im embarrassed 

  13. love this new avi giveup1

  14. Just wanna tell y'all that I've been extremely sick since yesterday, went to the doctor's just now and they say I might have appendicitis, they sent me to the ER and I'm about to go, I've never been this nervous.

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    2. sexotheque.

      Best of luck icon, everything will be alright hug1

    3. Skyline

      Get well soon hug1

    4. Milk

      Thank you all so much for the support, luckily it ended up not being appendicitis, I'm still at the ER and I just got treatment. Thanks for the well wishes sob1

  15. am I the only one here that genuinely enjoys Eminem's music xtina2

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Not at all, he has a lot of great material.

  16. I mean jj5 Taylor's music is miles better so ofc I'll use it but that shade is not cute sob1 even though I dislike katy. sob1

  17. What did Kylie do with Red Blooded Woman? sass1


    THAT mess1

  18. NEXT TO YOU mess1
    THE SKY SO BLUE mess1
    IN MALIBU mess1
    NEXT TO YOU mess1
    IN MALIBU mess1

  19. come here and support Hung Up ASAP


    1. Milk

      hung up hater getting brave? nat1

  20. Lady Wood was the best album of 2016 btw tay1

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    2. Radio

      Kylie Christmas Snow Queen Edition exists!

    3. Systemagic

      Got really old only a week after its release eve1

      Videos stolen from Florence's HBHBHB era eve1

      QOTC deserved a better follow-up, honestly orangu1

    4. Cosmic

      your avi btw rip3

  21. which Bey album should I #Listen to jj2 haven't heard any and I thought it would be a great idea wendy1

    1. Royalty

      B'Day, her best album! 

    2. plutoniano

      Start with Dangerously In Love so you can see her growth lj1 Starting with any of the last 3 would only make her early material sound dated and lowkey basic wendy3 


      I'd say Sasha Fierce is pretty accesible too for a pop fan but it's kinda bloated ngl

    3. Urbanov

      Go chronologically jj3