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  1. Christina's technique gets usually criticized though, look it up. And anyways I just think it's strident, that's called having an opinion and doesn't have anything to do with my fave
  2. There's something in her singing technique when she belts notes like this that makes it just noisy and strident to me, idk. But it's nice that she can still do this whatever she's known for
  3. Omg I'm seeing Britney on the 28th I can't wait cry1

  4. Spotify is trying to make me listen to Paris Hilton help y'all

    1. Dancing Queen

      Dancing Queen

      Stars are blind is a bop tho

    2. Onyx


      but it wasn't SAB it was a trash electro song 

  5. All my life I been waiting for a good time, a good time brit13

  6. HS finals in 12 days I'm freaking out

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    2. ajp


      Stop rotting on FOTP ny1


    3. POPBOIY


      Mine are next week ellie1 only have 1 to take and that's biology.mp3tay1

    4. Onyx


      @Jae Does it ellie1

      @POPBOIY How lucky, I have finals for every subject jj4


  7. Simon in Love, Simon is so cute 

  8. Was living under a rock for the past 5 days, just discovered Ariana's new single and oh wow she snatched antm1

  9. I'm a cool guy, I'm a I'm a cool guy 

  10. It's so ridiculous that a guy I barely even know can make me so sad and depressed. I wish I could stop having a crush on him ugh


    1. fab


      I'm in the same situation cry9 

    2. Onyx


      I feel you cry9 If only I had the balls to talk to him but I have no clue on his sexual orientation; I'll forever wait for a sign, it'll drive me crazy cry9

  11. F*ck! Do Somethin'


  12. Spotify is trying so hard to shove Carlie R J down my throat,



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    2. Jake


      me with billie ellish.

    3. TattooedHeart


      Emotion side b is my bible 

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Billie Ellish is really good. her EP slays!

  13. Girl Gone Bad music video invented the gays


  14. There is an ad in the top right hand corner showing a girl with the caption "Meet her at dating.com" dead2 Shouldnt they adap their ads, this is fotp not some soccer forum hottie1

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    2. Jae


      5 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

      The ads are based on things you have personally searched, I believe.

      @Onyx well well well oprah14 

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Cookies aren't always accurate, though. I've gotten fucking Depends as a recommended page on Facebook before dead2 

    4. Onyx


      dead2 Their algorithm or wtv needs to be fixed then 

  15. I was at a cafe and Without You by Mariah was playing, so good antm1