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  1. Onyx

    Christina's technique gets usually criticized though, look it up. And anyways I just think it's strident, that's called having an opinion and doesn't have anything to do with my fave
  2. Onyx

    There's something in her singing technique when she belts notes like this that makes it just noisy and strident to me, idk. But it's nice that she can still do this whatever she's known for
  3. So she was lazy back when Lotus was released but not lazy now that she's toured with Liberation? Can't you understand that she hadn't toured 2 years after her last attempt at touring in 2010 failed because it was bound to fail again? What artist only tours one country, knowing that the production for the show aka Liberation tour and everything else regarding it are done, if they can tour more? She's obvsly not "lazy" now that she went on tour in the US. The tired receipt you keep on mentionning doesn't prove shit. She can do random concerts in bigger countries too but she hasn't meaning she can't. Yh sign off sweetie, we can tell you're drunk you don't make any sense at all.
  4. Look up the interviews where she's saying she is planning on touring during the lotus era, but eventually they didn't do anything. What artist does not tour when they have a demand aka when they can tour? Guess xtinct didn't have any at the time. The liberation tour could happen cuz there was a demand after all those years being on a hiatus and it was still small considered she hadn't released an album in so many years. Stop trying to find excuses to justify her floppage with "shes lazy she doesnt have the energy" as if xtina was 55 or smthing, also why is she doing random concerts in small countries she had never been before if she could do them in bigger countries and gross more? Doesn't make sense. Your so called logic is biased sweetie
  5. it ain't. Didn't her last 2 planned ww tours get canceled?
  6. That's it? If she could tour ww she would
  7. Onyx here

    Omg I'm seeing Britney on the 28th I can't wait cry1

  8. Onyx

    Put your spare time to good use and help legend Xtinct get her 3 daily streams sweetie
  9. Onyx

    Because you unstanned her it seems. kinda sad that you unstan an artist because they performed poorly sales wise, or cuz you'd get dragged because of them.
  10. New members can have access to BGs but they can't post
  11. Onyx

    Celeb News

    Omg legend (it's been a while) I love your set
  12. Onyx here

    Spotify is trying to make me listen to Paris Hilton help y'all

    1. Dancing Queen

      Stars are blind is a bop tho

    2. Onyx

      but it wasn't SAB it was a trash electro song