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  1. Here comes The Sun....and I said...they should go away.
  2. KissingGod


    No, because that would have meant a performance of the botched song at the Superbowl. It has great lyrics, but the instrumental lacks sentiment. But if we were talking about I'm Adickted, whew...
  3. KissingGod


    about his flop ass, he can stay pressed until the day he dies.
  4. KissingGod


    Once I read one too many MadonnaNation threads, and it got me thinking about the M's success all night, never again will I analyze something so superficial.
  5. KissingGod


    The albums are like sisters, lmao. Music vs American Life Impressive Instant vs Hollywood Runaway Lover vs I'm So Stupid I Deserve It vs Love Profusion Amazing vs Nobody Knows Me Nobody's Perfect vs Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me vs Intervention What It Feels Like For A Girl vs X-Static Process Paradise (Not For Me) vs Mother and Father Gone vs Die Another Day American Pie vs Easy Ride American Life: 7 Música: 4
  6. If I was recomending songs to my str8 friend, it would be: Beat Goes On (with Kanye West for credibility, hihi ) Music Inferno Nobody Knows Me Sky Fits Heaven Devil Pray
  7. KissingGod

    The two sides of the pop Ying-Yang, they shall never meet, or else.
  8. KissingGod


    My favorite Satanic ritual
  9. KissingGod


    4 Minutes would have been PERFECT after Music. Too bad Madonna had a horrible song to promote. The overall performance still snatched though.
  10. KissingGod


    Anal in Another Hall Till Anal Do Us Apart
  11. KissingGod


    One more page on Wikipedia for the queen, slay
  12. KissingGod


    Alone With You, Revolution and Graffiti Heart
  13. KissingGod

    Both have cute lyrics but I would never listen to them willingly .
  14. KissingGod

    Best lyrics: Rebel Heart (heck, I just played it and can relate to it so much) Best song: Living for Love Best dance or uptempo song: Hold Tight (demo) Best ballad: Messiah Worst song: Illuminati Worst lyrics: Illuminati Most surprising song: Veni Vedi Vici Too safe song: None, really WTF moment: Unapologetic Bitch Most experimental song(production wise): Bitch Im a Legend Your favorite: Living for Love Your least favorite: Body Shop Which 2 outtakes should have been on the album? Revolution and Alone With You If you could switch ONE demo with an album song, which would it be? Rebel Heart (demo) What is the highlight of the album, dance/uptempo songs or ballads? Dance songs Which song would you remove from the album? Illuminati The next singles should be: (name 3 songs) Well, well, well....1. Hold Tight (demo) 2. Rebel Heart (demo) 3. Joan Of Arc (acoustic)
  15. KissingGod

    MDNA in full Sorry