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  1. Bright Moon


    Deserves a 9, Pitchfork canceled.
  2. Bright Moon


    Adele would be beautiful.
  3. Oh wow he's beautiful
  4. Bright Moon

    Celeb News

    Honestly, like the good sis had one hit I dont get it
  5. So the year i go vacant is the year yall do this. I feel cheated, reported uglies
  6. 3 is the only excepted answer.
  7. Bright Moon


    Only wack bitches leave Every Taste out their top five
  8. Bright Moon


    I havent heard her debut fully or remember it to judge soooo Fearless Best: Love Story Worst: The Best Day Speak Now Best: Mine Worst: Back to December (for now ig) Red Best: All Too Well Worst: The Lucky One 1989 Best: Wildest Dreams Worst: New Romantics Reputation Best: So It Goes/Getaway Car Worst: Dress
  9. Bright Moon


    Wait so basically we just list off our favorite lead singles by female stars? @Madame X
  10. Welp, queen of the VMAs this year it seems
  11. Bright Moon

    Celeb News

    She better win something whether she attends or not
  12. Is this her most in a year?