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  1. Whitney is gonna be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the 70th woman to be let in!


  2. Bright Moon


    Here for it!
  3. Bright Moon

    For the GP its pretty close but Billie Jean if to choose.
  4. Yesterday, the Hall announced the 16 acts nominated for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony of 2020. Nine of them were first time nominees. Nine Inch Nails The Notorious BIG Soundgarden Pat Benatar The Doobie Brothers Motorhead Rufus ft. Chaka Khan T. Rex Thin Lizzy Whitney Houston Depeche Mode Kraftwerk Judas Priest Dave Matthews Band Todd Rundgren You can vote now as well, so go on Google and type in "rock and roll hall o fame" and you can pick up to five acts every day until Jan. 10th! https://www.rockhall.com
  5. Bright Moon


    Adele would be beautiful.
  6. Bright Moon

    Celeb News

    Oh wow he's beautiful
  7. Bright Moon

    Celeb News

    Honestly, like the good sis had one hit I dont get it
  8. Bright Moon

  9. Bright Moon


    Only wack bitches leave Every Taste out their top five
  10. Bright Moon


    Wait so basically we just list off our favorite lead singles by female stars? @Madame X
  11. Bright Moon

    i thought MJ and Madonna were fads tho?
  12. Bright Moon


    A pretty solid album honestly. Dont Jealous Me, Brown Skin Girl, Spirit, Ja Ara E and Water are the best tracks. Her range on this album is also amazing, Otherside's deep growls and the head voice/falsetto in Spirit is wig-dislocating.
  13. Bright Moon

    As expected, only Queen A OT: i cant believe its already the end of the decade