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  1. Before I Let Go remains the best song of the year and that's that on that. 

  2. Bright Moon

    didnt realise he be serving looks
  3. I say let it fall out the top 20 before pursuing next single...unless radio pulls through which seems unlikely at this point
  4. Bright Moon


    Great cover, dont like that Zhavia girl's voice but Zayn sounds fine idk what yall talking about
  5. Saw this news a few days back and i was so happy! Never knew Arthur had a lesbian episode tho
  6. Bright Moon


  7. That shit's nasty.
  8. Bright Moon


    New era begins!
  9. Bright Moon


    Gave ME! that rare vote
  10. Me neither but considering he wasnt really around when i joined....
  11. Bright Moon

    Im here to see the messy breakdowns over Erotica's floppage and to see Whitney get her biggest hit ofc.
  12. Bright Moon


    Theres nothing wrong with that thats how mine look as well
  13. Bright Moon


    This is gonna smash
  14. So today a hoe turns 18 wub1

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    2. Jon.

      Happy Birthday king! jj2giveup3

    3. Yoncé.

      happy birthday love hug1 

    4. Bright Moon

      Thank you legends! wub1