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  1. Bright Moon


    Video and song are both a 10, Sam did THAT
  2. Bright Moon


    Better be music related aka song from Cats or third single.
  3. Bright Moon


    A pretty solid album honestly. Dont Jealous Me, Brown Skin Girl, Spirit, Ja Ara E and Water are the best tracks. Her range on this album is also amazing, Otherside's deep growls and the head voice/falsetto in Spirit is wig-dislocating.
  4. Bright Moon


    Whitney Houston Beyonce Mariah Carey Celine Dion Lady Gaga Katy Perry Madonna Janet Jackson Ariana Grande Troye Sivan
  5. Bright Moon

    As expected, only Queen A OT: i cant believe its already the end of the decade
  6. Bright Moon

  7. Bright Moon

    If it was just Camila it would have flopped
  8. Bright Moon

    not Bitch Im Local
  9. Im quite dissapointed no one made a thread about this yet, but it seems as the resident Whitney stan here i must be the one to do so. Released last week as a reworked version of Whitney Houston's 1990 cover of 80s hit "Higher Love". Was originally intended for the Im Your Baby Tonight album.
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS one of my favorite R&B songs of recent years hands down, such an excellent track!!!
  11. Well my mother listens to only gospel so i had CeCe Winans Alabaster Box from 1999 on weekly. Not an album i know more.
  12. My heart is broken. Not cause i was a huge fan or whatnot but someone who made memories for millions with a show and had so much going for him... 20 years was too young, just too young.