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  1. Brightflower


    Happy 62nd legend! Queen of Pop forever
  2. The entire Lemonade era was sabotage after sabotage.
  3. Brightflower


    needy - 0 NASA - 70 bloodline - 40 bad idea - 70 ghostin - 65 in my head - 50 7 rings - 35+ thank u, next - 25
  4. Im still hesitant about a live action anything Avatar cause that movie... traumatized me. Its 2020 so maybe we can get something better but im not holding my hopes up high until i see a trailer or smth.
  5. I still havent heard Nicki's feature... she has so many songs just dropping randomly i cant get to them all But YESSS Harry get the biggest hit of your career
  6. Brightflower


    oop clock me
  7. Brightflower


    1. Pair 1 - Max 2. Pair 2 - Moira O'Hara 3. Pair 3 - Lynk 4. Pair 2- Brightflower 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. This was so damn hard You bitch i lowkey got a kii tho fuck us up mentally king
  8. Brightflower

    Celeb News

    but to be fair she wasnt the brightest for this so
  9. Brightflower

    Celeb News

    I mean if people can read and not be idiots you can see she didnt try to discredit anyone's experiences while highlighting her own. Better had she stayed quiet because people arent very intelligent and spend far too much time looking at what celebrities are saying plus she has a new record coming out, but she wasnt being problematic as you guys think.
  10. Brightflower


    1. MDNA - Max 2. Hard Candy - Phoebe 3. Hard Candy - The Sorcerer 4. MDNA - Moira O'Hara 5. MDNA - GAGA 6. MDNA - GlenCoco 7. Hard Candy - Fletch 8. Hard Candy - mylifelies 9. Hard Candy - Freaky Prince 10. Hard Candy - CharnyBoy 11. Hard Candy - Adamescence 12. Hard Candy- Brightflower
  11. Brightflower

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Like A Virgin / ...Baby One More Time (this was really hard) 2015 CHART FLOP: Bitch I’m Madonna / Pretty Girls Y2K LEAD SINGLE: Music / Oops!... I Did It Again BLACK HAIR DEBUT: Like A Prayer / Gimme More LAST SOLO TOP 10 ON BILLBOARD: Hung Up / I Wanna Go 2008 LEAD SINGLE: 4 Minutes / Womanizer THIRD NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Live To Tell / 3 PEAKED AT NO. 1 IN UK BUT NOT IN US: Into The Groove / Born To Make You Happy LATE 90’s BALLAD: Power Of Goodbye / Sometimes SINGLE FEATURED ON SOUNDTRACK: Who’s That Girl / I’m Not A Girl, NYAW 2000 ALBUM’S SECOND SINGLE: Don’t Tell Me / Lucky MADONNA: 8 BRITNEY: 3
  12. Brightflower


    Blank Space Bad Blood (fight me f*gg*ts) Look What You Made Me Do We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Cardigan Shake It Off
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    1. GAGA

      right click save we-

    2. Brightflower

      Sis same I-

    3. Max

      Aphrodite lady, burn wound bikini. sia3

  14. Stronger Lucky ...Baby One More Time Circus Gimme More Piece of Me Oops I Did It Again If U Seek Amy Womanizer Anticipating Work Bitch You Drive Me Crazy- The Stop Remix! Im A Slave 4 U Toxic Born To Make You Happy 3 Everytime Dont Let Me Be The Last to Know Till the World Ends Overprotected