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  1. @Ghostface how you doing old friend, can i pop in once in a blue moon like I always do and do this?
  2. Omg not you being back oprah15

    Edit: WAIT at posting status in someone's profile being public now rip2 

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    2. Royale


      It's the first time it happens for me, and I really hate it ari7

    3. Brightflower


      The way I vanished again ari7

    4. Chris


      stay unvanished ari7 

  3. Best new pop song of the week by far! I should come here more often to support the new queen of pop Dua!
  4. Not me needing to go to the Mariah base to remember my username moo12

  5. HujeuiB.gif

    1. GAGA


      right click save we-

    2. Brightflower
    3. Max


      Aphrodite lady, burn wound bikini. sia3

  6. id revive this thread but this f*op refuses to drop any music like it hasnt been half a damn decade and half her old lady fanbase aint dead or on their way , acting like i wont unstan.
  7. Oh same O Holy Night is a year round favorite! The vocal slayage is mandatory for the ears
  8. Periodt ion even care tbh seasonal patterns dont exist for me when it comes to tunes!
  9. You're Mine (Eternal) () vs. You're Bringing On the Heartbreak