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  1. Not me needing to go to the Mariah base to remember my username moo12

  2. HujeuiB.gif

    1. GAGA


      right click save we-

    2. Brightflower
    3. Max


      Aphrodite lady, burn wound bikini. sia3

  3. So ive been getting into Ms Britney's discography and wow cry9 i was so shady to her before but she be serving quality cause songs like If U Seek Allah and Lucky just take me somewhere 

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    2. Royale


      Welcome back sis! hug2 

    3. Brightflower


      Omg heyyy legends! Yes Aurora love im doing quite well it so nice to hear from you both it really is

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Glad to heart that :)

  4. Whitney is gonna be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the 70th woman to be let in!


  5. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiOGlYjKgX8

  6. Before I Let Go remains the best song of the year and that's that on that. 

  7. So today a hoe turns 18 wub1

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    2. Jon.


      Happy Birthday king! jj2giveup3

    3. Tahj


      happy birthday love hug1 

    4. Brightflower


      Thank you legends! wub1

  8. Let me spam this new one a bit brit15brit15brit15brit15

  9. So this is a classic


  10. Baby Mine from Dumbo is too beautiful oh my gosh cry5

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    2. Satori


      Yeah there’s a version by Arcade Fire and from what I can tell another one by some person/band called Aurora?

    3. honeymoon


      @Chris Morlock you’re boo boo.... the fool

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i forgot about the remake fall2 

  11. I've overheard your theory

    "Nostalgia's just for geeks"

    I guess sir, if you say so

    Some of us just like to read 

    1. Hylia


      We stan a magnum opus

  12. Alright so did something happen in the last few days here i dont know about? dead4

  13. Me looking at INLA on the ASIB/Joanne megarate 


  14. Fire on fire

    Would normally kill us

    But this much desire

    Together we're winners

    They say that we're out of control and some say we're sinners

     But dont let them ruin out beautiful rhythms

    Cause when you unfold me 

    And tell me you love me 

    And look in my eyes

    You are perfection

    My only direction

    Its fire on fire. 

  15. Whitney Houston;s debt album celebrates its 34th anniversary today! The album which took a year to reach the top of the Billboard 200, eventually stayed there for 14 weeks, become the top selling debut by an African-American artist, would go diamond and spawn three Hot 100 number one singles.



    1. Venom


      I clicked play thinking it was I Wanna Dance With Somebody and I ended up utterly confused

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      How Will I Know is probably my favourite song from the 80s, if not it's in the top 5! 

    3. Brightflower
  16. Today marks seven years since my inspiration left this world to the next. I love you Whitney and even though its been so long i still can remember the first time i heard your voice and how it changed my life forever. With Whitney i found the courage to embrace myself, accept me for who I am and everyday she inspires me to sing. Once again I love you Whitney and rest in peace my dear. You're free. 

    1. Hermione


      This was beautiful ❤️

  17. I am personally so happy cardi won a Grammy. Girl has worked hard and all she has achieved this year is beyond remarkable- its legendary. 

  18. Christian superstar Lauren Daigle won her first two Grammys tonight for her record-breaking album Look Up Child cry9 

    1. Kyoteki


      Its funny that she’s from where I live atm

    2. Brightflower


      wait you live in Louisiana dead1 

    3. Kyoteki
  19. Watch Gaga play tf out of all of us and perform "Joanne" tonight dead4

  20. Its not about aptitude 

    Its the way you're viewed. so its very shrewd to be

    Very, very popular like me.

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    2. Quill


      I've had the luck of seeing it twice and in both occasions I got so emotional watching it. giveup1 It is truly my all time favorite Broadway musical.

    3. Brightflower


      is it? my fave is hamilton

    4. Quill


      We stan another iconic musical! whit1