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  1. @Ghostface how you doing old friend, can i pop in once in a blue moon like I always do and do this?
  2. Best new pop song of the week by far! I should come here more often to support the new queen of pop Dua!
  3. No, what they should be dragging her for is being associated with that colorist, ASAP Rocky
  4. They had an album planned but ig that tour was the more profitable endeavor
  5. Well her head of estate is her sister in law who is not great when paired with the better direction of Clive, Legacy Recordings and Sony i'm assuming it's gonna be a better choice. They are aiming to make it a smash so
  6. I Kissed a Girl: 10 Hot N Cold: 20 Waking Up in Vegas: 2 California Gurls: 20 Teenage Dream: 26 Firework: 54 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 20 The One That Got Away: 24 Part of Me: 18 (-) Wide Awake: 34 Roar: 14 Dark Horse: 6 (+) Chained to the Rhythm: 28
  7. Cant wait for this movie tbh! Its coming November 2022. Im very interested to see who they pick the the time comes around
  8. Not me needing to go to the Mariah base to remember my username moo12

  9. needy - 0 NASA - 70 bloodline - 40 bad idea - 70 ghostin - 65 in my head - 50 7 rings - 35+ thank u, next - 25
  10. Im still hesitant about a live action anything Avatar cause that movie... traumatized me. Its 2020 so maybe we can get something better but im not holding my hopes up high until i see a trailer or smth.
  11. I still havent heard Nicki's feature... she has so many songs just dropping randomly i cant get to them all But YESSS Harry get the biggest hit of your career
  12. 1. Pair 1 - Max 2. Pair 2 - Moira O'Hara 3. Pair 3 - Lynk 4. Pair 2- Brightflower 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. This was so damn hard You bitch i lowkey got a kii tho fuck us up mentally king
  13. but to be fair she wasnt the brightest for this so