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  1. Not me needing to go to the Mariah base to remember my username moo12

  2. HujeuiB.gif

    1. GAGA


      right click save we-

    2. Brightflower
    3. Max


      Aphrodite lady, burn wound bikini. sia3

  3. Oh same O Holy Night is a year round favorite! The vocal slayage is mandatory for the ears
  4. Periodt ion even care tbh seasonal patterns dont exist for me when it comes to tunes!
  5. So ive been getting into Ms Britney's discography and wow cry9 i was so shady to her before but she be serving quality cause songs like If U Seek Allah and Lucky just take me somewhere 

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    2. Royale


      Welcome back sis! hug2 

    3. Brightflower


      Omg heyyy legends! Yes Aurora love im doing quite well it so nice to hear from you both it really is

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Glad to heart that :)

  6. Whitney is gonna be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the 70th woman to be let in!


  7. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiOGlYjKgX8

  8. Before I Let Go remains the best song of the year and that's that on that. 

  9. So today a hoe turns 18 wub1

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    2. Jon.


      Happy Birthday king! jj2giveup3

    3. Tahj


      happy birthday love hug1 

    4. Brightflower


      Thank you legends! wub1

  10. Let me spam this new one a bit brit15brit15brit15brit15

    1. jrdn


      Crack Is Whack

  11. I currently reading the third GOT book, A Storm of Swords.
  12. I read this last year, SUCH a great book but ngl the ending had me pressed.
  13. So this is a classic


  14. Baby Mine from Dumbo is too beautiful oh my gosh cry5

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    2. Satori


      Yeah there’s a version by Arcade Fire and from what I can tell another one by some person/band called Aurora?

    3. honeymoon


      @Chris Morlock you’re boo boo.... the fool

    4. Chris


      i forgot about the remake fall2 

  15. I've overheard your theory

    "Nostalgia's just for geeks"

    I guess sir, if you say so

    Some of us just like to read 

    1. Hylia


      We stan a magnum opus