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  1. The first one is iconic. The second looks boring and plain while the third looks weird with that thing on her head.
  2. Just Whitney

    i never understood this chart
  3. I wish Adele would say that.
  4. Just Whitney


    um no she better not i will not have any rock taylor here, nope not here rat. However Fearless-Speak Now Taylor would be amazing, i'd be here for it
  5. Just Whitney

    Everytime I try to give this girl her life she gotta give a mess oh my gosh
  6. You needs to be brave when your ambitious and hard-working like he was?
  7. I mean im in no place denying the accusations or her history, but negativity has been something that has been surround Whitney for the last 20 years. Her death should have been a break to that and it wasnt-as a matter fact fueled it which us only natural but its been six years! Like just bop to her songs and sing along to the ballads instead of promoting all of these dark claims and issues. So yeah, im not with it.
  8. Yeah and there's a bunch of claims of her getting sexually abused by her cousin, her drug addiction, her relationship with Robyn, her best friend and all that mess. I skipped that real quick, yes!
  9. If im honest i havent seen it and i dont want to. im sick of hearing about her struggles. all i want is to celebrate her life and accomplishments. Yet if you watch do tell me what you think about if you have the time! im always open to other opinions about it. And yes they need to give us the full HD version, its pretty.