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  1. Just Whitney

    Considering many of the vocal divas are well past their primes, she didnt destroy much.
  2. Just Whitney


    Always Remember Us This Way is currently bigger than any other song off ASIB soundtrack besides Shallow- her third most popular song on Spotify. Its also more radio-friendly which, if given a push, could actually become a decent hit. So what, is it perfect single material or is I'll Never Love Again the best choice?
  3. Just Whitney

    Can we not?
  4. AIWFCIY is already Mariah's most popular song on Spotify I-

  5. Just Whitney

  6. Just Whitney

    But yes, the Grammys for many years have been poor decision makers. When only three women of African American ethnicity have won Album of the Year, quality albums like Bey's self-titled and Kendrick's last two rudely snubbed they ave set their mark as the least appreciated music show ever.
  7. Just Whitney

    Can we not come for Adele, like my girl still makes quality music so the shade here is quite invalid.
  8. Just Whitney

    imagine thinking its not in this music climate.
  9. Ugly, ugly top ten besides like two songs.
  10. Just Whitney

    Celeb News

    She just never wins does she poor her
  11. Next May will mark ten years since the ground-breaking, record-shattering and socially-driven and adopting show Glee first aired. Its cast are living legends and its impact still waves throughout shows and schools and social word today. 

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    2. Quill

      Lea Michele's albums did not deserve to flop. alex1


    3. Kuba

      20 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

      i never watched it and never will kesha8 

      Why ari5

    4. Chris Morlock

      uninterested ari5 

  12. Just Whitney

    Celeb News

    Keep it; if the Muchael holograms failed this one will too. Amy is too great to deserve something this.