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  1. Just Whitney

    Its cute...
  2. Just Whitney

    What does that have to do with Dua?
  3. Just Whitney

  4. Just Whitney

    Cant blame them, she fucked up the Whitney one and we dont need one like that again. Anyways i agree with the names chosen on that tweet, them ladies would do Aretha justice covering her hits.
  5. Just Whitney

    She's making a name for herself the best way she sees it so im not pressed. Originality is just not her strongest suit.
  6. Just Whitney

    Janet evolved so greatly between Control and The Velvet Rope
  7. No, Celine is at 60+ million albums while Mariah has sold about 75 million according to Chartmasters and Soundscan sales also have her ahead of Celine (52 mil vs 50 mil)
  8. Just Whitney


    Controversy like that would actually boost her career i think as she would be seen to take artistic risk and being open and bold about the power of a woman. but then yeah, her label would put the money behind her for that.
  9. Just Whitney


    Well anyways it doesnt really matter, Ariana recorded the best song of the year and thats the tea
  10. Just Whitney

    All these three take third place as the biggest pop girls to emerge in the 21st century after Adele and Rihanna and are pretty divided on the forum, so who had the bigger peak in overall terms of sales, awards and impact?
  11. Soundscan refers to the US. Overall Mariah's US sales are higher than Celine's i believe since Soundscan began in 1991.
  12. Just Whitney


    I think she would have done well. Ariana and Camila's styles are similar besides vocals so the sound wouldnt be a stretch like some of you say.
  13. No surprise, Chartmasters also has Celine as the most successful artist of the 90s worldwide.
  14. brinty but i have no clue how this shit works, im worse than these fossils
  15. didnt come out how i wanted mess